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Collaboration from John Foxx and Gary Numan

10 April 2016 - by numanme

Most of you are aware of the collaboration from John Foxx and Gary Numan the track titled Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) this is what Gary and John had to say about the collaboration.

Gary Numan - John Foxx has been a hero of mine for my entire adult life.  And I was pioneering electronic music before I even knew it existed.  A variety of different artists mentioned as being influences on my early music, but there was only one, and that was John Foxx.  It was a real honor to finally have the chance to contribute to one of his tracks, with John Foxx & the Maths.  And it was every bit as creative, unusual, demanding and rewarding as I always expected it to be.

John Foxx - I've liked Gary Numan's work since the moment I heard it.  He is a ferociously original and uncompromising artist.  He got right to the essence of the genre and made it his own.  Then without compromising at all, he made the first breakthrough into popular music.  A very rare achievement in those days.  Everyone involved in electronic music owes him a great debt because he was the artist that opened all the doors.  It's been a real pleasure to work with him on this track.

Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) was also recently played by Eddy Temple Morris' BBC6 fast forward to 41:00 and give it a listen.

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