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Here In The Black vinyl update

21 April 2016 - by numanme

Here In The Black vinyl

Here In The Black vinyl update, for all of you wondering what has happened to the album the below email will help. So the wait is almost over.

Thanks for your email,

We are just awaiting the vinyl being delivered to us, the date we were given was the 22nd and we have not been advised of any further delay, as soon as it arrives with us your order will be processed and sent.

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Quite a lengthy post this one. To begin with, partial good news. I'm told that some of the Here In The Black vinyl was shipped today, at long last. I have no idea why these are the numbers but apparently 237 of the 500 numbered albums, and the 50 unnumbered copies, were shipped to day and will arrive at Townsend tomorrow, from where they will be sent out asap to those of you that have bought them, in a first come first served order I would guess. The remaining 263 are scheduled to be shipped on Monday, arriving at Townsend on Wednesday the 27th and so on to you soon after. I sincerely hope all that happens and my apologies again for the long delay in getting this album to you

I can promise you that the delay on this album is as upsetting to me as it has been to you. For one thing Townsend quite rightly don't send me the money until they've been shipped so, at the moment, I'm many thousands of pounds out of pocket in manufacturing costs and have been for several months, over two and a half years for some of it. To film, edit, mix and manufacture Here In The Black has cost me rather a lot. It's the most expensive (to create) live release I've ever made in fact, so I've been more keen then anyone to get the finished items to you. however, I can't imagine my financial concerns bother you greatly so I'll move quickly on smile emoticon

Secondly, and arguably more importantly, it makes me look like a knob when I say things will be with you on a certain date, and they don't appear. It's embarrassing to say the least and, I feel, damages our relationship somewhat. I do not want that to happen and it bothers me greatly when it does.

Thirdly, but most importantly, you have supported me by buying these things and you deserve to have them on time. The patience most of you have shown over this has been remarkable and I'm very grateful for that, which makes my feelings of guilt all the worse.

To be fair all round though, I'm given dates by the company in charge of manufacturing so I'm at their mercy somewhat. But, equally, they are at the mercy of the pressing plant, which I think is somewhere in Europe, who no doubt have their own problems and, almost certainly, are at the mercy of others who supply the materials they use, and other companies who maintain their specialist machinery, and so on. Simply pressing some vinyl albums actually involves many people, many companies, often in different countries, all relying on the one in the chain before to do what's needed. It's sometimes surprising that they get made in the same year they were ordered, let alone by the given release date.

One of the reasons for the delay I was given, can't remember by who, was that Record Store Day had flooded the pressing plants with huge demand and literally everything was being put back. That may or may not be true of course.

Below I've cut and pasted the last few messages I received from the UK company I've been dealing with (these are not the people actually pressing the albums) to give you an idea of what's been going on recently:

April 11: Hi Gary

These are due to deliver on the 15th.
I will confirm final shipping on the 13th,

kind regards


April 12: Hi Gary,
I hope all is well.
We have just spoken to the factory and it seems there is going to be a slight delay on this I am afarid.
We are shipping on the 15th April and expecting delivery Tuesday 19th.
Apologies. I hope this is ok.

Many thanks
Martin / Richard


April 15: Hi Gary - Sorry to be the bearer of further bad news. The factory had a problem with all of their presses last night so they are behind schedule I am afraid. This will now ship on Monday 18th for delivery Tuesday 19th.

Really sorry to have to come back to you again with this.

Martin / Richard


April 18: Hi Gary!

Martin here. I am not your lucky charm it would seem.

I have to report a further delay I am afraid. There was an issue with the labels on one of the records and
we have had to reprint them. So we are again having to delay the delivery.

I hope to have more news in the morning in regard to the progress but please accept our apologies.

I will update you tomorrow with hopefully better news.



April 21 (Today): Hi Gary,
We have shipped 50 unstickered stock / 237 stickered stock which will arrive with Townsend on Friday 22nd April.

The balance we are aiming to ship on Monday for delivery Wednesday 27th April.

If there is any deviation to that i will let you know.

Many thanks


So, as you can see, delays trickle along a chain and end up with me, and so, unfortunately, then end up with you. To prevent this from happening again I have decided not to allow pre-orders for the next release, the 'Live At The Forum' albums. The CD's for that, including the triple album box sets, are already in stock but we are waiting for the vinyl to arrive in the Townsend warehouse before making our next move. You absolutely will NOT experience any delay with that one. I'll do another post soon explaining more fully what the Live At The Forum release is.

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