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Live At The Forum Vinyl CD and Box Sets

03 May 2016 - by Gary Numan Official Facebook

 Gary Numan Official Facebook

'Live At The Forum'. Vinyl, CD and Box Sets. Replicas, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon.

Recorded at the London Forum in October 2015, these three live albums will be available at all the forthcoming May shows and, from the end of May, exclusively on my online store. They will be available individually on CD format, and as a three CD box set. They will also be available in the very lovely vinyl format (with bonus tracks on all three editions, and a Q & A interview on side 4 of The Pleasure Principle edition). Like the CD, each album will be available as an individual release, and in a three album box set (so six vinyl picture discs in all). Each vinyl album, one for the Replicas night, one for The Pleasure Principle and one for Telekon, will come in a gatefold sleeve, containing two 12" picture discs.

I've waited quite some time to announce this properly as I wanted to be sure that we actually had the albums before saying too much, and so avoid the problems of the Here In The Black vinyl. I'm still a tad early but I'm told they have already shipped from the manufacturers and will be with Townsend on Tuesday, as will the final batch of Here In The Blacks, so with that modest risk in mind, I'm telling you about them now.

Those sold on the May tour will mostly all be signed by me, only some of those subsequently sold on the store will be, but not all by any means.

We also have a number of test pressing white labels which we will add to the Store, as well as artwork proofs, so some slightly more unusual things that I hope you will find interesting and may wish to have.

I will give the specific online store address for these albums once they are are online in a few weeks.

Finally, there is a possibility that we will be bringing the Classic Album shows back to the UK in September. Although the London, Manchester and Cork shows were very successful, I have had a considerable amount of comment (as in complaints) that we only played those three cities and didn't take the show out to the regions. Adding New York, Chicago, Moogfest and Toronto in North America has only added to the grumbles coming from the UK and elsewhere. I entirely understand your feelings. Like the Pleasure Principle anniversary tours in 2009/2010, these shows were never meant to be more than just a few gigs, but I underestimated how popular they would be.

So, it's far from certain but, as I say, I am looking into the possibility of playing a modest tour of the UK in September, not London or Manchester this time, playing the same type of composite set of the three albums that we played in Manchester and Cork in October. One of the problems of course is time as it will take me away, yet again, from the studio and work on the new album, which is already horribly behind schedule. I hope to have made a yes or no decision on this by the end of next week.

One more thing, the large stage backdrop used on the UK shows will also be made available on line. However, if the September shows happen I will probably need it again for those, so it might not appear on the store until they are over, if it survives. I've added a pic of the design of that back drop to this post along with the Side 1 images of each picture disc .

In the meantime though, I hope you're as excited about the Forum albums as I am. They were three of the best shows I've ever experienced and I loved every minute. These releases have captured everything (including the mistakes, of which I made more than a few) and are a witness to three very special nights that will always be a great high point of my life.

Track Listings (slightly different to the original albums):


Me, I Disconnect From You
The Machman
You Are In My Vision
It Must have Been Years
We Are So Fragile
Praying To The Aliens
When The Machines Rock
I Nearly Married a Human
Down In The Park
Do You Need The Service
Are 'Friends' Electric?

(Replicas vinyl bonus tracks)

Jo The Waiter
Are You Real



(The Pleasure Principle vinyl bonus tracks)

My Shadow In Vain
Q&A Interview (All of Side 4)


This Wreckage
Remind Me To Smile
Sleep By Windows
I Dream Of Wires
I'm An Agent
The Aircrash Bureau
Remember I Was Vapour
Please Push No More
The Joy Circuit
We Are Glass
I Die:You Die

(Telekon vinyl bonus tracks)

Jo The Waiter
Everyday I Die
We Are So Fragile

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