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LEGACY. Live at The Olympia, Liverpool.

06 May 2017

 OUT NOW ... LEGACY. Live at The Olympia, Liverpool.

LEGACY. Live at The Olympia, Liverpool. September 16th, 2016
When the Live At The Forum CD and vinyl packages were released in 2016 to celebrate the three classic Numan albums, Replicas, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon, there was one obvious thing missing. A film of the show itself. So, when Gary toured those albums around the UK again last year we fixed that mistake and filmed the Liverpool Olympia show on September 16th.

Gary remembers the show this way: “When it comes to playing in front of a great crowd who are with you on every beat of every song, this show would be right up there with the best. The crowd were amazing, just an incredible atmosphere for the whole night. But, as a band, I gave up counting how many mistakes we made. I think we gave up accuracy for the sheer joy of running around and having fun. It really was fun though.

The DVD also includes a fascinating behind the scenes interview with Gary where he talks about the reasons behind going out and revisiting all these older songs again.

01 - Replicas
02 - Metal
03 - Remind Me To Smile
04 - Me, I Disconnect From You
05 - Films
06 - The Joy Circuit
07 - You Are In My Vision
08 - M.E.
09 - This Wreckage
10 - We Are So Fragile
11 - Observer
12 - I'm An Agent
13 - Down In The Park
14 - Tracks
15 - We Are Glass
16 - Are ‘Friends' Electric?
17 - Cars
18 - I Die:You Die
19 - Everyday I Die
20 - My Shadow In Vain 

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