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The Arkive (Beggars Banquet) releases

05 November 2015 - by Numanme

The Arkive (Beggars Banquet) releases

Gary Numan/Tubeway Army Premier Hits

Most of you must be aware of The Arkive Gary Numan releases the first was a wonderful gatefold double album Gary Numan/Tubeway Army Premier Hits, this 21 track double album featuring some of Gary’s most iconic hits including the number one hits 'Are Friends Electric', and 'Cars'. This would be the perfect introduction to the world of Gary Numan for any new fan; tracks included contain hits including ‘Down In The Park’, ‘I Die: You Die’, ‘We Are Glass’ and more. The LP also contains four bonus tracks, ‘Metal’, ‘We Are So Fragile’, ‘Films’ and ‘Me, I Disconnect From You’. Transferred from original analogue by John Dent, the sound quality is superb and yes I have played it as I do all my vinyl. I would recommend this as a must for all Numan fans, especially new fans.
Replicas/The Pleasure Principle/Telekon
The Arkive released all the albums for the purpose to make them available in print for the first time in years.  All the albums are on standard black vinyl and have been cut from high-resolution digital files (96 khz / 24 bit transfers from the analogue master tapes) by award-winning engineer John Dent at loud mastering. 'Replicas' and 'The Pleasure Principle' are single LPs and 'Telekon' is a gatefold double LP.

The albums were made available at the Gary Numan 2015 concerts in the autumn in Los Angeles and London. The albums were sold at the shows only as limited edition coloured vinyl version.' Replicas' (0range Vinyl )' The Pleasure Principle' (Grey Vinyl) and  'Telekon'  (Red Vinyl ) the albums have become very sort after items, fetching extortionate prices on ebay. I think this was not a well thought through part of the release, many would agree with me that it would of sold just as well as coloured vinyl. Let’s hope in the future someone will see the light, and we see a expanded release of the coloured vinyl.



The 'Replicas' album contains the number one hit 'Are Friends Electric'. The albums is almost identical to the original release, the same artwork apart from the labels on the vinyl containing new artwork taken from the front and back cover of the 12” 'Down In The Park'. I must say to any new Numan fan don’t hesitate, buy all three of these albums, i've got Replicas playing now as I write this and the sound quality is 'awesome on my old Technics player. I have always loved this album and it’s good to see it rise from the Beggars Banquet vinyl vaults so a new generation of vinyl lovers can enjoy it.    

The Pleasure Principle

'The Pleasure Principle' is very much the same as the original, apart from the labels on the vinyl containing new artwork taken from the back cover of 'Cars' a picture of Gary Numan in a pyramid . This album contains the number one hit 'Cars' and my all-time favourite  'M.E'. a joy fest of synthesizers, one of Gary’s most iconic albums and probably the most important. And as above the sound quality is superb.


So we get to the last of The Arkive releases, 'Telekon' this has to be my favourite as it comes as a gatefold album with additional tracks and different mixes. This album contains the hits 'We Are Glass' and 'I Die: You Die'. The artwork staying true to its original, apart from the inner gatefold that contains all the lyrics to the album. It has to be said this album stands the test of time, each track flows in and out of each other seamlessly. The quality on this and all three albums is out standing.

The  Verdict

All the albums are classic Numan at his best, I can’t say a bad word about any of them. The sound quality is awesome, well done John Dent! brilliant job. Most Numan collectors will buy the album regardless of any review, but I do recommend anyone thinking about buying the albums to do so, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

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