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Here In The Black Delivery Delay

19 February 2016 - by Gary N

 Here In The Black Delivery Delay

email from mr numan

Hello Everyone,

I would like to add my sincere apology for the delay in getting the Here In The Black DVD/CDs and vinyl albums out to you. This entire project has been plagued by a series of unfolding disasters since the day it was filmed but I will explain the immediate crisis for now.

We were told only yesterday by the manufacturers that, for reasons still unclear, the DVD/CD part of the project wouldn’t be delivered to the Store until March 4th. I have been asking for their estimated delivery date for some time, and the release date was well known to all concerned, so the news yesterday was shocking to say the least. I can fully understand how it’s likely to be even more upsetting for you. The manufacturers have assured me they are now doing all they can to minimise the delay but you're probably wondering the same as me, namely why those measures hadn’t been taken already. I have my fingers crossed that the new March 4th delivery date can be improved upon and the delay to you as short as possible.

The news on the vinyl however is even more disturbing. They are unable to even give us a date for that but, having contacted other vinyl pressing plants, it seems that four to five weeks to manufacture vinyl is currently the norm. I was under the impression that the Here In The Black vinyl was being manufactured, and had been for some weeks, but that does not seem to be the case. So, if they are only now just starting to press, then we are still some weeks away from receiving the finished albums.

Again, I can only apologize. Embarrassingly for me this is the first major project I’ve been in charge of since taking over my own management and I obviously hoped for a better outcome than this. The one bright light in all this is that having seen all the proofs, watched the finished documentary and listened to the mastered audio (done by the same man that mastered Splinter) I can say that Here In The Black is a great package and I’m sure you’re going to be happy with it when it arrives.

If you want to stamp on my photo please do, I understand your annoyance and sympathise with your frustrations completely, but please believe we are doing everything we can to hurry this along.


Gary N.

(sent from TMStores, on behalf of Gary Numan)

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