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Below a example of the book

2007 Astropolis: Saturn Returns
Title: Astropolis: Saturn Returns 
Artist: Astropolis

Sean Williams



How old: This Book is old!
Release Date: 2007 
Format: Paperback Book 367 pages
Price Guide: £5.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Chapters

This Wreckage
This Elegant Bitch 
This Dying Machine 
This Human Corrosion
This Prison Moon
That Taciturn And Invisible God

Some chapters in this book are bases on lyrics or named after Numan song titles. Also this book containes a character named Render (after the song "I am Render"). He spoke only in Gary's lyrics, 

Buy: Amazon



In the forty-third millennium of human history, Imre Bergamasc awakens after two hundred years to the realization that he has been the victim of an elaborate murder plot-a plot that also destroyed the intergalactic transport milieu known as the Continuum. But now that Imre has been reborn, he will stop at nothing to help bring forth the rebirth of the galaxy.

This book was a series was called Astropolis, and the individual titles were Saturn Returns (1), Cenotaxis (1.5), Earth Ascendant (2), and The Grand Conjunction (3). The character's name was Render (after the song "I am Render"). He spoke only in Gary's lyrics, plus every section title in the book was also taken from a lyric. I'll past a complete list of songs referenced below

“A Child with the Ghost” 
“A Dream of Siam”
“A Prayer for the Unborn” 
“A Question of Faith” 
“A Subway Called 'You'”
“An Alien Cure”
“Basic J” 
“Before You Hate It” 
“Blue Eyes” 
“Breathe in Emotion” 
“Call Out the Dogs” 
“Change Your Mind” 
“Cold Metal Rhythm” 
“Crime of Passion”
“Cry, the Clock Said” 
“Dark Sunday”
“Dead Heaven”
“Do You Need The Service?”
“Dominion Day”
“Don't Believe”
“Dream Killer”
“Face to Face/Letters” 
“Fadeout 1930”
“From Russia Infected”
“God Only Knows” 
“Here Am I” 
“I, Assassin”
“I Am Render”
“I Can't Breathe” 
“I Can't Stop” 
“I Don't Believe” 
“I Still Remember” 
“I Wonder” 
“I'm on Automatic” 
“I'm an Agent” 
“In a Dark Place” 
“Innocence Bleeding” 
“Listen to my Voice” 
“Little In Vitro” 
“Love and Napalm” 
“Love is Like Clock Law” 
“Love Isolation” 
“Machine & Soul”
“Mean Street”
“Music for Chameleons” 
“My Breathing” 
“My Brother's Time” 
“My Car Slides (1)” 
“My Car Slides (2)” 
“My Centurion”
“My Dying Machine” 
“My Fascination” 
“My World Storm”
“New Anger”
“Night Talk” “Nightlife” 
“Oh! Didn't I Say”
“OD Receiver” 
“One Perfect Lie”
“Only a Downsat”
“Out of Sight”
“Play Like God” 
“Please Push No More”
“Poetry and Power” 
“Praying to the Aliens”
“Rip it Up” 
“She Cries” 
“Sister Surprise” 
“Sleep by Windows” 
“Slowcar to China” 
“Some New Game” 
“Something's in the House” 
“Soul Protection” 
“Strange Charm” 
“The 1930's Rust” 
“The Angel Wars” 
“The Dream Police” 
“The Hunter” 
“The God Film”
“The Iceman Comes” 
“The Image Is” 
“The Joy Circuit” 
“The Life Machine”
“The Monday Troop”
“The Need” 
“The Pleasure Skin” 
“The Rhythm of the Evening” 
“The Secret” 
“The Seed of a Lie” 
“The Skin Game” 
“The Sleeproom”
“The Tick Tock Man” 
“This Disease”
“This is Emotion”
“This is Love” 
“This is New Love” 
“This Prison Moon” 
“This Wreckage” 
“Time to Die” 
“Tread Careful” 
“Turn off the World” 
“Unknown and Hostile” 
“War Games” 
“We Are Glass” 
“We Take Mystery (Early Version)” 
“We Take Mystery (To Bed)” 
“Whisper of Truth” 
“White Boys and Heroes” 
“You Are In My Vision”
“You Are You Are”
“You Walk In My Soul”
“Young Heart” 
“Your Fascination” 
“Zero Bars (Mr Smith)”





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