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2008 July Jagged Edge
Title: Jagged Edge
Artist: Gary Numan

Disc 1

1. Edge (Fenton/Numan) 4:13
2. Fold (Fenton/Numan) 6:57
3. Halo (Sulpher/Numan) 4:34
4. In A Dark Place (Single Remix) (Fenton/Numan) 4:08
5. Blind (Holliday/Young/Numan) 5:17
6. Before You Hate It (Fenton/Numan) 5:44
7. Haunted (Sulpher/Numan) 5:08
8. Slave (Sulpher/Numan) 5:46
9. Melt (Fenton/Numan) 4:06

Disc 2

1. Fold (Holliday/Young/Numan) 4:43
2. Jagged (Fenton/Numan) 7:44
3. Before You Hate It (Sulpher/Numan) 5:49
4. Pressure (Fenton/Numan) (6:32)
5. In A Dark Place (Fenton/Numan) 6:13
6. Melt (Monti/Numan) 5:42
7. Slave (Fenton/Numan) 6:45
8. Scanner (Fenton/Numan) 5:23

The running time for this double CD is a little under 95 minutes italso has a 8 page booklet.

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2008 July
Format: CD
Record Label: Mortal
Catalogue No: MORTALCDX004
Price Guide: 11.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted The running time for this double CD is a little under 95 minutes it also has a 8 page booklet.
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: ---



The long awaited Jagged Edge double album is finally here. Jagged Edge is a reworking of the original Jagged album, which was released to great critical acclaim in March 2006. Many of the songs are versions recorded early in the albums creation when Gary was working on production with Rob and Monti from Sulpher. These versions were not the final versions released on Jagged and, in many cases, were very different. Other songs are dramatically reworked versions of the Ade Fenton - Gary Numan produced tracks that did appear on the original album although you might struggle to identify some of them as, on this album, they have been taken in a very different direction. Two other tracks were produced by Gary and Rob Holliday from Sulpher and another by Gary and Monti, also from Sulpher. Running for just under 95 minutes this album features the following tracks: To identify who worked on what tracks, those worked on by Gary and Sulpher have (S) after the title, those by Gary and Ade Fenton have (AF), those by Gary and Rob Holliday (RH) and the one by Gary and Monti (M). 





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