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1980 Jesta Giggle
Title: Jesta Giggle
Artist: The Barron Knights 
Tracklisting:  01 Never Mind The Presents 
02 Oh Miami 
03 M A S H 
04 Space Invaders 
05 Mind De Doors 
06 African Humoresque 
07 The Sit Song 
08 We Know Who Done It *
09 The Swindon Cowboy 
10 Hello Mother 
11 Fads And Crazes 
12 6 Barron 
13 It 
How old: This Album is old!
Release Date: 1980
Format: LP"  
Record Label: Epic
Catalogue No: S EPC 84550
Price Guide: £9.00
Additional info: Deleted * We Know Who Done It (Cars Cover) New Lyrics
Highest Chart Position: 0
Full Artist List: ----



It We Know Who Done It 

Now J.R. marred to Sue Ellen who likes a drink or 2 and she’s having affair with Dusty who’s supposed to be Dave but he aint you see

Now J.Rs on the side going out with Christian who’s trying 
To blackmail him
Now she’s Sue Ellen’s sister 
He’s got a couple of brothers too
There’s Gary who’s Lucy’s daddy and bobby – you know The man from Atlantis,
Splursh splursh

Who’s married to Pamela – Cliff Barnes sister
Now their daddy old Digger was in partnership with jock
That’s J.R Gary and Bobby’s daddy who’s married to miss Ellie

Poor old J.R. lying there on the floor
He was such a nice bloke
But somebody shot J.R.
Sue Ellen we know had a gun in her hand
Or is Dusty the one its 5/4 on – Cliff Barnes

Welcome to Dallas where you can meet a lot of interesting money
Now the main dudes been plugged somebody shot him through the wallet
Now he’s been took dead – or maybe he aint
But we do know who done it and were going to tell you later on

They said he’s nasty and cruel
Cos he branded a cat
And he is so mean he bought a 9 gallon hat J.R.
Bobby walked out but he couldn’t get far
Cause when he got outside
J.R. had flogged is car – ha ha

Now poor old J.Rs lying in a pool of oil and I’m taking
Bets on the side who done it – 5/2 miss Ellie 10/1 on Daddy –
13/2 Albert Tatlock – 200/1 the Lone Ranger – evens Nicholas Parsons
And 9/5 the incredible Hulk – yeh

Terry Wogan wdnt say whether guilty or not
But if he had his way I’m sure he’d have shot J.R.
Place all your bets – I know someone who did
They will lose everything
Cause they said it was hissing Sid

Now don’t go getting too excited
I’m going to tell you who done it now
I can categorically state that it was 
It was
It was
It was
It was

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