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REMIND ME TO SMILE The Life and Times of a Teenage Numanoid 

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2016 Remind Me To Smile The Life and Times of a Teenage Numanoid 
Title: Remind Me To Smile The Life and Times of a Teenage Numanoid
Artist: Gary Numan/Tubeway Army

Martin Downham


Hornet Books

How old: This Book is old!
Release Date: 2016 
Format: Book 352 pages
Price Guide: 8.99
Country:  UK
Additional info: Paperback 
Buy: Amazon


REMIND ME TO SMILE The Life and Times of a Teenage Numanoid BOOK INFO

About the Author
Martin Downham has spent all his life, at work and at play, on the fringes of South West London. His passion, naturally, is music. He has sung, played guitar and written songs for We Fear Change. He is blissfully married to Vicki and has two young sons. 

REMIND ME TO SMILE, with its subtitle The Life and Times of a Teenage Numanoid, is the autobiography of Gary Numan fan, Martin Downham. Martin s unique brand of observational humour is packed full of references to a time when Fine Fare, Betamax, Kenny Everett and Gary Numan were all at the height of their powers. Back in the dim and distant days of 1977 Martin Downham was turning into the archetypal, stroppy, know-it-all teenager angry for no good reason, rude, insolent, indolent, bone-idle and rebellious. A lengthy spell of destructive adolescence beckoned but life had other plans. Martin s memoir is witty, irreverent, calamitous, heart-warming and packed full of cultural and pop music-related nostalgia for the 1970s and 80s. Fans of Gary Numan will identify with Martin s story, as the British electro-pop star looms over the book as an ever present and strangely reassuring spectre.
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