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2010 August Scarred Part two
Title: Scarred Part two
Artist: Gary Numan

Side One

1. Cars 3:17 
2. Metal 4:05 
3. Little InVitro 4:26 
4. Down In The Park 5:18 

Side Two

5. This Wreckage 5:37 
6. Dead Heaven 5:22 
7. I Can't Breathe 5:43 
8. Are 'Friends' Electric? 5:56 

How old: This Album is old!
Release Date: 2010 August
Format: LP Part two 2xLP
Record Label: OTB
Catalogue No: OTB S2
Price Guide: £24.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted pressed in three different colours (100 copies on light yellow, vinyl, 100 copies on peach/orange vinyl and 100 copies on brown/chocolate vinyl), total of 300 copies. The yellow and peach/orange colours are on solid vinyl whereas the brown/chocolate colour is on semitransparent vinyl. During the dispatch of the vinyl for Numan's Scarred album (part two) it was noticed a small number of speckled or marbled copies of the light yellow and tangerine versions. Because this was only slight variants they were distributed randomly amongst the orders. So, you never know you might be lucky one.
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List:

Gary Numan (Vocals, Guitar)
David Brooks (Keyboards, Bass)
Ade Orange (Keyboards)
Steve Harris (Guitar)
Richard Beasley (Drums)

Recorded at London Brixton Academy on October 20, 2000.

Shown below are images of the two acetates produced (each single-sided) for Scarred part 2.



For the first time ever OTB Records are proud to announce the release of Gary Numanís Scarred Live album. The album will be released in three parts also in three different colours.

The first album of the set will be pressed in three different colours (100 copies on burgundy vinyl, 100 copies on blue vinyl and 100 copies on green vinyl), total of 300 copies. Both part two and part three of this album set will also be restricted to 300 copies spread over three different colours (colours to be confirmed). All nine albums will collate into a special presentation box. This box will be made available to all those people who order all nine albums across the three different parts.

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