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2009 Nov The Touring Principle '79
Title: The Touring Principle '79
Artist: Gary Numan

Me, I Disconnect From You
We Are So Fragile
Everyday I Die
Remember I Was Vapour
On Broadway
Down In The Park
My Shadow In Vain
Are 'Friends' Electric?

This DVD contains the following three segments:
The Touring Principle - Alternate version with remastered audio (47:04)
The Touring Principle - Original version (46:58)
Gary Numan Interview with Steve Malins (33:48)

How old: This DVD is old!
Release Date: 2009 Nov 
Format: DVD
Record Label: Mortal Records
Catalogue No: MORTALDVD006 
Price Guide: 15.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List:

Gary Numan (Vocals)
Paul Gardiner (Bass)
Chris Payne (Keyboards, Viola)
Ced Sharpley (Drums)
Billy Currie (Keyboards, Violin)
Rrussell Bell (Guitar)

Recorded at Hammersmith Odeon September 28, 1979.

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 Gary Numan's The Touring Principle '79 captures the spectacular shows and innovative music that made him one of the biggest stars in the world at the end of the 1970s. Recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon on 28 September 1979, this is one of those rare and very special moments in rock when new ideas completely change the music scene. These concerts mark the transformation of synthesizer music from the post-punk underground into massive international success without the need for any compromise. In fact, from the towers of white light to the icy electronics, everything in this show is designed to be powerful, different, atmospheric and unique. Thirty years later, there's still nothing quite like it, which is why new acts and fans continue to discover and be influenced by many of the concepts, sounds and visuals on The Touring Principle. This concert was originally released as the first ever music video-cassette and that original film, featuring the 'special effects' of the time, has been included in this DVD as a bonus feature along with an exclusive Numan interview about the 1979 tour. However, the main feature on this DVD is taken from the original master before any 'effects' were added. Digitally remastered along with the audio, this represents the definitive document of Gary Numan's visionary show.


 As it stands the new no FX version that is on the new re-issue DVD is in fact taken from a Sony Professional 1 x inch tape master which is the only one in known existence and is from way back in the early 80s and thankfully was well stored, it was digital transferred and re-mastered audio was synced with the footage (due to original audio tape drop out) .

As you will see the footage is much clearer quite and dark in parts so maybe this is why they put the FX on it in the first place? to fill the darker points but it was decided not to add any modern FX or edit down but to keep as pure as possible to the original.

Sadly there was no other extra material or bonus tracks whatsoever on the new master tape and we have no other information available to us as to the fact further tracks were ever even filmed on the night as we do have the original cine film mixed masters and they show no other material, which I share with other fans as being a shame.

We decided to put the original VHS release on as a bonus for those fans that did not have it the 1st time round and again sadly a VHS master in this case was the only option open to us but in my opinion better than nothing and this shows the FX and original audio as a comparison.

I can tell you the Micro music re-issue out no doubt in 2010 will benefit from a full master being found and in very good quality, better than the present laser and VHS copies. 

I think we must step back and accept that video technology was not as good in the late 70s early 80;s as it is today but I hope fans get some enjoyment out of these releases like I do. 

Yours sincerely
Dash Productions Ltd
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