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£55.99 4LP 180g Box Set

£35.99 This BOXED SET is available with only a copy of Tubeway Army and Plan LP's inside for those who have already purchased the previous albums Replicas and The Pleasure Principle
2010 July Tubeway Army/Gary Numan-78/79 (4LP Box Set /2LP Box Set)
Title: Tubeway Army/Gary Numan-78/79 (4LP 180g Box Set)
Artist: Tubeway Army/Gary Numan

Tubeway Army

01. Listen To The Sirens
02. My Shadow In Vain
03. The Life Machine
04. Friends
05. Something’s In The House
06. Everyday I Die
07. Steel And You
08. My Love Is A Liquid
10. Are You Real ?
11. The Dream Police
12. Jo The Waiter
13. Zero Bars (Mr. Smith) 

The Plan 1978

01. This Is My Life 
02. My Shadow In Vain
03. Critics
04. Mean Street
05. Thoughts No. 2
06. Bombers
07. Basic J
08. Ice
09. Something's In The House
10. Friends
11. Check It
12. Steel And You


01. Me! I Disconnect From You 3:22 
02. Are 'Friends' Electric? 5:24
03. The Machman 3:07
04. Praying To The Aliens 3:59
05. Down In The Park 4:26
06. You Are In My Vision 3:14
07. Replicas 5:00
08. It Must Have Been Years 4:01
09. When The Machines Rock 3:14
10. I Nearly Married A Human 6:31 

The Pleasure Principle 

01. Airlane 3:18
02. Metal 3:33
03. Complex 3:14
04. Films 4:09 
05. M.E. 5:37
06. Tracks 2:52
07. Observer 2:53 
08. Conversation 7:38 
09. Cars 3:53 
10. Engineers 4:00 

How old: This LP" is old!
Release Date: 2010 July
Format: 4LP Box Set /2LP Box Set
Record Label: Beggars Banquet
Catalogue No: VIN180LP027
Price Guide: 4LP £55.99/2LP £35.99
Country:  UK
Additional info: Remastered, Limited Edition Brought together for this exclusive limited edition of 500 copies, Tubeway Army and Gary Numan 78/79 Boxed Set. There is space inside to hold the albums Replicas and The Pleasure Principle.

This set contains the Tubeway Army LP which is only available as part of this boxed set. The debut album by Tubeway Army originally released in 1978 is packaged in a gatefold sleeve using the original BLUE artwork plus this remastered version is pressed on 180g BLUE vinyl. There is a bonus disc of the rarities LP ‘The Plan”. The Plan was originally released in 1984 and brings together the demos Tubeway Army recorded in 1978. The album includes the early single ‘Bomber’s and tracks that still feature in Garys current live set.

All the albums are remastered from the original tapes, each album features a picture label on the A side, with a heavyweight inner bag and the original sleeve printed on a heavyweight 350g double white heavy board.
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Keyboards, Synthetic Percussion)
Jess Lidyard (Drums)
Paul Gardiner (Backing Vocals, Bass)
Christopher Payne (Keyboards, Viola)
Cedric Sharpley (Drums, Percussion)
Billy Currie (Fadeout Violin on "Tracks")
Garry Robson (Backing Vocal on "Conversation")
Buy: 180g Vinyl


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