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2007 May Artificial Perfect
Title: Artificial Perfect
Artist: Gary Numan
Tracklisting:  1. The Leather Sea (vocals by Gary Numan)  5:43 
2. Truth  5:34 
3. Healing (vocals by Gary Numan)   4:12 
4. Everything Changes   5:13 
5. One Day  2:06
6. Recall (vocals by Gary Numan)  4:14 
7. Slide Away (vocals by Gary Numan)  5:31
8. Burn  4:50 
9. Machine  4:26 
How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2007 May
Format: CD
Record Label: Submission Records
Catalogue No: SUBO2CD 
Price Guide: £10.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List:

Ade Venton: Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Programming, Piano.
Gary Numan: Vocals.
(vocals by Gary Numan): Vocals.
Steve Harris: Guitar.
Nathan Boddy: Keyboards, Programming.
Chris Mccormack: Additional Programming, Keyboards. 

Produced By Ade Fenton
All tracks written Ade Fenton except 1,2,6,8 written by Ade Fenton and Nathan Boddy and 3 by Ade Fenton Gary Numan all lyrics by Ade Fenton
Engineered by: Ade Fenton assistant engineer: Nathan Boddy
Mixed by: Chris Mccormack. mastered by: Cass Irvine @ wired masters www.wiredmasters.co.uk 
Publishing: Ade Fenton / copyright control 2007
Art work by: Paul Agar. photography: Ed Fielding
Management: Steve Malins @ random pr

Ade Venton wold like to thank everyone involved in making this album, especially Gary Numan, Nathan Boddy, Chris Mccormack, Helen Tilley, Steve Harris.
Personally thanks to: Eric and Shirly Fenton, Julie Fenton, Lucy Clancy Fenton.
John presley Hickman, Gary and Gemma Webb, Luciana Scarpino.
The gang, John Woodward, Chris Storey, Mallet and Isobel, Ben Long, Jamie Bissmaire, Dave Clarke, Paul Smith, Stephanie Cooper, Danny Maher, Andre Barcinski, Stephan Kratchanov. 



2007  April 10th  Ade Fenton and Gary Numan single Healing 12" and as a download.

12" Vinyl Side 1 6:49 Healing (Stripped Mix) Side 2  6:43 Healing (Psycho Mix)  3:13 Healing (Single Edit) Digital Download 3:18 Healing Radio Edit 4:13 Healed  6:53 Healing (Ade Fenton's Stripped Mix) 6:44 Healing (Ade Fenton's Psycho Mix) 3 mix promo CD (6:49) Healing Ade Fenton's Stripped Mix  (6:43) Healing Ade Fenton's Psycho Mix  (3:13) Healing Single Edit 


Techno DJ/producer Fenton’s fortunes took a dramatic upturn when electronic/industrial godfather Gary Numan commissioned him to co-produce and co-engineer the album "Jagged". The duo's successful working relationship continued thru 2006 on a series of studio & live collaborations, including new versions of classic Numan tracks including "Are Friends’ Electric", "Down In The Park" and "Metal" as well as new material. Since completing the album, Fenton set up Industry Music, a music production company that is servicing other artists. Numan contributes to 4 tracks on this set; "The Leather Sea", "Slide Away", "Recall" and the first single from the album, "Healing".


'Ade Fenton's more industrial material can't have escaped the notice of those who like their tunes bleak and buzzing with a palpable sense of fear and paranoia, especially when they recall Trent Reznor's early efforts. But what really makes Artificial Perfect so compelling is the vocal contribution of cyber-warrior Gary Numan - when that instantly recognisable, robotic, detached and so very trademark Numan drone appears, the songs take on a powerful identity.' METAL HAMMER 

'Ade Fenton is best known for being an international and respected techno DJ, a renowned remixer, as well as being the co-producer of Gary Numan’s acclaimed album Jagged. Numan himself guests on four tracks - the archetypical soaring choruses of the panoramic Numan-esque opener ‘The Leather Sea’ and the dark eerie edginess of the techno-Industrial Fenton collaboration ‘Healing’ being most notable. The Nine Inch Nails influenced ‘Slide Away’ is another sublime Numan-meets-Fenton mutation, with a lethal nightmarish twist. A cohesive and remarkably impressive debut album.' ROCK SOUND 

'Ade Fenton is a techno DJ of no little fame himself and has helped to relaunch the career of synth pioneer Gary Numan. It was Fenton who helped make last year's Jagged as good as it was. Artificial Perfect exists comfortably at the industrial extremes with the likes of Nine Inch Nails and KMFDM and the attention to detail is admirable, straddling the divide between NIN's Pretty Hate Machine and Broken. The album also features Gary Numan's excellent vocals on four tracks.' CLASSIC ROCK 

'After breathing new life into Gary Numan's oeuvre as producer on last year's Jagged, Ade Fenton, perhaps more widely known in the dance music world for running two specialist techno labels, has branched out and begun recording his own compositions. Numan returns the favour - Jagged was edgy and very well received - by contributing vocals to four tracks on Fenton's first solo album. Artificial Perfect is an album of abrupt twists and turns - punchy beats giving way to elegant piano lines. The overall sound is harsh but never thin, rhythmic complexity underpinning the grimy forcefulness of the songs. It all ends in a glorious blast of hissing vocals and pounding beats which build into a hypnotic loop on 'Machine'. It's not a long album and leaves you wishing for more - definitely one to return to again and again.' MUSIC OMH 

'Ade Fenton co-produced Gary Numan's last album Jagged and with Numan guesting on four tracks here the similarities between the album sounds were always going to be striking. However, the songwriting is clearly not down to Numan and while the mood remains somber, other vocalists like Helen Tilley and Fenton himself give enough variation. Numan fans will love it but Fenton strikes a clear path too.' FUTURE MUSIC 





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