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1990 Dec Asylum 2 Collection 
Title: 1990 Asylum 2 Collection
Artist: Gary Numan

[Disc 1]

Telekon + 6 Tracks

This Wreckage 5:27 
The Aircrash Bureau 5:41 
Telekon 4:26 
Remind Me To Smile 4:05 
Sleep By Windows 5:00 
We Are Glass 4:45 
I'm An Agent 4:25 
I Dream Of Wires 5:11 
Remember I Was Vapour 5:12 
Please Push No More 5:39 
The Joy Circuit 5:14 
I Die : You Die 3:46 
A Game Called Echo 5:09 
Photograph 2:29 
Down In The Park (Piano Version) 4:15 
Trois Gymnopedies (1st Movement) 2:44 

CD JA Beggars Banquet ALCB-10 

[Disc 2]

Dance + 4 Tracks

Slowcar To China 9:07 
Night Talk 4:29 
A Subway Called 'You' 4:41 
Cry The Clock Said 9:59 
She's Got Claws 4:59 
Crash 3:41 
Boys Like Me 4:17 
Stories 3:13 
My Brother's Time 4:37 
You Are, You Are 4:03 
Moral 4:33 
Stormtrooper In Drag 4:59 
I Sing Rain 2:33 
Exhibition 4:30 
Love Needs No Disguise 4:40 

CD JA Beggars Banquet ALCB-11 

[Disc 3]

I, Assassin + 7 Tracks

White Boys And Heroes 6:27 
War Song 5:10 
A Dream Of Siam 6:16 
Music For Chameleons 6:08 
This Is My House 4:56 
I, Assassin 5:28 
The 1930's Rust 3:57 
We Take Mystery (To Bed) (Extended Version) 7:45 
Noise, Noise 3:48 
Bridge? What Bridge? 4:27 
War Games 3:57 
Glitter And Ash 4:48 
The Image Is 5:59 
We Take Mystery (To Bed) (Early Version) 5:57

CD JA Beggars Banquet ALCB-12 

[Disc 4]

Warriors + 6 Tracks

Warriors 5:54 
I Am Render 5:03 
The Iceman Comes 4:29 
This Prison Moon 3:23 
My Centurion 5:26 
Sister Surprise 8:32 
The Tick Tock Man 4:25 
Love Is Like Clock Law 4:05 
The Rhythm Of The Evening 5:58 
My Car Slides 3:01 
My Car Slides 4:45 
Poetry And Power 4:27 
Face To Face / Letters 3:48 
Cars ('E' Reg Extended Model 6:16 
Cars (Motorway Mix) 4:31 

CD JA Beggars Banquet ALCB-13

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 1990
Format: CD (4 x CD)
Record Label: Beggars Banquet 
Catalogue No: ALCB-10~13
Price Guide: 55.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted The artwork also includes full lyrics sorry to save space images are not included just text with white background
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: ---






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