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1984 Nov Berserker 
Title: Berserker 
Artist: Gary Numan

This Is New Love
The Secret
My Dying Machine
Cold Warning
Pump It Up
The God Film
A Child With The Ghost
The Hunter

How old: This Album is old!
Release Date: 1984 Nov 
Format: LP 
Record Label: Numa
Catalogue No: NUMA 100
Price Guide: 3.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 45
Full Artist List:

Gary Numan (Keyboards, Vocals)
Chris Payne (Keyboards, Viola)
Ced Sharpley (Drums)
RRussell Bell (Guitars)
John Webb (Keyboards, Programming)
Martin Elliott (Bass)
Andy Coughlan (Bass on 'Cold Warning')
Pat Kyle (Saxophone)
Tessa Niles (Vocals)
Tracy Ackerman (Vocals)
Zaine Griff (Backing Vocals on 'The Secret')
Mike Smith (PPG Programming)
Ian Herron (PPG Programming)

Produced by Gary Numan

Engineered by Pete Buhlmann

Mixed by Pete Buhlmann & Gary Numan

Recorded at Rock City Sound Studios, Shepperton


NUMAC 1001



CLICK HERE 1984 Oct Berserker 7"/12"

4:05 Berserker (Edit) 3:10 Empty Bed, Empty Heart 7"  UK Numa NU4 7" UK Numa NUP4 (Head Shaped Picture Disc) 6:40 Berserker (Extended) 3:10 Empty Bed, Empty Heart 4:05 Berserker (Edit) 12"  UK Numa NUM4

CLICK HERE 1984 Oct Berserker 7" (Head Shaped Picture Disc) 


CLICK HERE 1984 Dec My Dying Machine 7"/12

3:22 My Dying Machine (Edit) 5:36 Here Am I 7" UK Numa NU6 9:16 My Dying Machine (Extended) 5:36 Here Am I 5:52 She Cries 12" UK Numa NUM6

CLICK HERE 1984 Dec My Dying Machine 7" (Picture Disc) 



The digitally remastered version of the Berserker album, including the extra tracks, was first made available by Eagle Records in The Numa Years Box Set.

The original album was released by Gary Numans own record label, Numa Records, in 1984.

The new version has new artwork, and the extensive sleeve notes that first appeared in The Numa Years.



'I think you should use synths like a steamroller, they should be big and powerful to get your heart pumping.' - Gary Numan

There is not a dull moment on the 1984 release 'Berserker', the album fusing funky electronic bass lines, extraordinary thick layers of synthesizers, chilling violas, sax and percussion. It marked the end of a form Gary Numan, arguably, are yet to fully return to. The vocal parts are really the only weak components in this mix, Mr. Numan's input occasionally gets shoved way back in the mix and will never really stand out because of that, which is a shame as Numan's voice is a strong selling point for all of his albums. A far worse concern is the horrid screeching owls disguised as backing singers plaguing some songs, 'Pump it Up' being the best example. Ok, it does work to some extent on the title track but Tessa Niles & co still seem misplaced on this album. So what do the tracklist have to offer? A magnificent 'This is New Love', the powerful title track, and rememberable viola performance signed Chris Payne on 'Cold Warning' all spring to mind. Another standout track is 'A Child with the Ghost', dedicated to the deceased bass player Paul Gardiner who got his bell tolled a short time before the sessions began. As he had been playing with Numan for many years as well as being a good friend, that clearly had more effect on the album than just being the subject of this remarkable piece. The UK cd reissue's bonus material are made up of a bunch of B-sides from the period, while the US release had extended versions of 'Berserker' & 'My Dying Machine' replacing a crackly 'Rumour', 'She Cries' - a track reminiscent of the earlier album 'Dance' and 'This Ship Comes Apart'. To me, it has aged fairly well and still does it tingle my tympanic membrane as it did the first time I heard it. It's really hard trying to do the 'feel' of this album justice in a review, many of its songs just have to be heard. And it's well demonstrated on the Berserker tour live recording 'White Noise'. 





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