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1980 Breaking Silence
Title: Breaking Silence
Artist: James Freud
Tracklisting:  1. Modern Girl 3:19 
2.The Television's Hungry 4:01 
3. The Saviors 3:18 
4. Enemy Lines 3:35 
5. Butane Babies 2:47 
6. Automatic Crazy 3:40 *
7. 19 Again 2:28 
8. No More Telephone 3:11 
9. Mean Modulator 3:34 
10. Blue Moon 3:23 
How old: This Album is old!
Release Date: 1980
Format: 12"  
Record Label: Solid Gold Records
Catalogue No: SGR 1004
Price Guide: £17.00
Additional info: Deleted James Freud and Berlin released the single "Automatic Crazy," produced by Gary Numan. The singel was released in Australia by Mushroom Records Catalog#: K 8236

A Automatic Crazy (3:40)  Producer - Gary Numan 
B While We Worship Oxygen (4:49)  Producer - Roger Mason 

Highest Chart Position: 0
Full Artist List: ----



Born in 1959 as Colin McGlinchly, singer James Freud has had a diverse and successful career as a solo artist and member of the Models, Beatfish, and Moondog. 

He and school friend Sean Kelly formed Teenage Radio Stars in 1977, a glam-punk band with Freud on lead vocals and guitar. They broke up the next year and Freud formed James Freud and the Radio Allstars. They signed with Mushroom and their debut single, "Modern Girl," was released in 1980, peaking at number 12 on the Australian national charts. The same year, they supported Gary Numan during his Australian tour. Their debut album Breaking Silence was released in June 1980, and so impressed Numan that he invited Freud to record an album in the U.K. Neither Freud nor Numan were happy with the result and the album was never released but is still kept in storage by James Freud. 

A name change to James Freud and Berlin followed, thanks to a U.K. band that was already called the Radio Stars. In March 1981, James Freud and Berlin released the single "Automatic Crazy," produced by Gary Numan. One month later Freud disbanded James Freud and Berlin. After a trip to England, Freud joined friend Sean Kelly's band, the Models, in 1982. After much success, the band broke up in June 1988 and Freud went solo. Reputedly the most expensive album Mushroom ever made, Step Into the Heat was recorded in New York and peaked nationally at number 16 in Australia in June 1989. The single "Hurricane" peaked at number 15. With his career at a low-point, Freud spent 1990 playing bass in Kylie Minogue's touring band. 

At the end of 1990, Freud combined with Mental as Anything's Martin Plaza for the dance act Beatfish. Writing and production work for TV commercials followed. In January 1996 another solo album, Big Mouth, was scrapped. The single, "Postcard to Hawaii," was the only track that met Freud's expectations, and was released under the Moondog banner, a new collaboration with guitarist Phil Ceberano. The single became a success and the Postcard to Hawaii album was released in January 1997


Numanme: Hi James how long have you be in the music industry. 

James Freud: As much as it might infer how old I am...which I am not telling. I signed my first record deal in 1979....so 28 years.

Numanme: How many albums have you released? 

James Freud: I've released 9 albums plus the unreleased one I did with Gary. The new (10th) one called 'Lazarus' comes out in February 2008.

Numanme: If I was to buy a James Freud album what one would you recommend? 

James Freud: The new one of course!!! Other than that one of the Models(the band I was in) albums...The Pleasure of Your Company.

Numanme: You have an autobiography, I Am The Voice Left From Drinking would you recommend it as a good read and where can we get hold of a copy.

James Freud: It's the story of my very wild journey through the rock industry...it's been said it's as good as Motley Crue's 'The Dirt". I actually released a second book this year called 'I Am The Voice Left From Rehab'. They are available everywhere in Australia but maybe Amazon is the best bet. 

Numanme: Is it true your Mum actually proofread your book. 

James Freud: No...she read it when I gave her a copy...it was already in the shops. She nearly had a fit when she discovered what a party boy I was.

Numanme: What did your mum think of it was she shocked.

James Freud: I think she maybe more shocked by the second book. She doesn't get a great rap in it.

Numanme: When was the first time you heard of Gary Numan.

James Freud: The first I heard of Gary was when 'Are Friends Electric?' was released in Australia.

Numanme: Did you ever see Gary live and did you like what you see.

James Freud: I saw him live quite a bit bescuase I did the support on the Australian Tour...in 1980. I loved the light show and I thought he was a really commanding performer. 

Numanme: I remember reading something about an album you recorded with Gary back in 1981 at Rock City at Shepparton Film Studios is this true.

James Freud: Yes. We spent a coupke of months out there. I was staying with Gary, Berryl and his dad...whose name escapes me. It was a surreal experience. Almost as surreal as playing bass for Kylie Minogue during her world tour in 1992...now that was freaky!

Numanme: If it is true about the album why was it not released.

James Freud: It wasn't released because the record company didn't like it...neither did I. 

Numanme: Do you think the album will ever be released.

James Freud: God I hope not...I sang like Midge Ure on it...really overdramatic...I guess it was the 80's though.

Numanme: Is it true you appeared on the Telekon album doing handclaps.

James Freud: Yeah...it was a bit of a laugh...my big credit.

Numanme: What was Gary like back then?

James Freud: He was confident and creative...you never knew quite what he was thinking...other than his desire to be better than David Bowie. I remeber how both our jaws dropped the day we heard Ashes to Ashes. 'Shit!' said Gary. 'He's bloody well done it again!'

Numanme: Breaking Silence was released in June 1980 what was Gary’s involvement with this album

James Freud: None at all. I met Gary at his Melbourne show the day we shot the video for the single 'Modern Girl'. That night when I played before Gary...he chistened me Bryan Ferry Jnr.

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