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2004 Electric Pioneer: An Armchair Guide to Gary Numan
Title: Electric Pioneer: An Armchair Guide to Gary Numan
Artist: Gary Numan

Paul Goodwin


Helter Skelter Publishing

How old: This Book is old!
Release Date: 2004 
Format: Book 320 pages
Price Guide: Ł10.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Buy: Amazon

Acknowledgements iv
...lntro v
A Foreword By Gary Numan vi

Section One: MUSIC 13


Original albums: Part one — Tubeway Army 1978-1979 18
Original albums: Part two — Gary Numan 1979-1983 21
From the vaults 34
Original singles: Part one — Tubeway Army 1978-1979 37
Original singles: Part two — Gary Numan 1979-1983 40
Compilation albums — Part one: Beggars Banquet 49
Compilation albums — Part two: licensed 52
Re-issue campaign Part one — albums 55
Re-issue campaign Part two — singles 67
Memorabilia: 70
I) Magazine covers 70
II) Merchandise 72
Ill) Alternative artwork and releases from around the world 75


Original albums: Part one — 1984-1986 82
Original albums: Part two — 1992-1995 87
Original singles: Part one — 1984-1986 93
Original singles: Part two — 1991-1995 99
Compilation albums — Part one: Numa 104
Compilation albums — Part two: licensed 105
Re-issue campaign — albums (UK) 115
Fan club and mail order releases 117
Memorabilia 123

Part Three: THE IRS YEARS 127

Original albums — 1988-1991 128
Original singles — 1988-1991 132
Re-issue campaign-albums 134
Memorabilia 136


Original singles 1985-1989 140
Original album 143


Original singles 148
Original album 152
Re-issue campaign-albums 153
Original releases 1987 and 1989 156
Re-issue campaign 158

Part Seven: THE EAGLE YEARS 159

Original albums 1997-2000 160
Original single 164
Compilation albums — Licensed (UK) 165
Compilation albums — Licensed (US) 166
Re-issue campaign — Licensed (UK) 167
Re-issue campaign — Licensed (US) 171
From the vaults 174
Memorabilia 176


Original singles 180
Compilation album — Licensed 182


(I) Soundtrack albums 186
(II) Remix projects 187
(III) Homages 192
(IV) Guest appearances 198
(V) Bootlegs 202

Section Two: VIDEO .217

(I) Official videos 218
(II) Miscellaneous videos 225
(I) Official DVDs 229
(II) Bootleg DVD5 230
Important television appearances 1979-2003 239
Television and radio adverts 245

Section Three: LIVE 249

The full concert guide 1977-2003 250
(I) Tubeway Army 250
(Il) Gary Numan 251

Section Four: APPENDICES 291

(Appendix I) Bibliography 292
(Appendix II) Numan on the World Wide Web 294
(Appendix Ill) Walking with shadows 296

Outro 301

About the author 303




I clearly remember sitting at home in 1977 and looking for the first time at a copy of my debut single, ‘That’s Too Bad.’ It was something I’d dreamed about for as long as I could remember. I didn’t expect to be sitting down, many years later, looking at a meticulously researched book detailing the enormous catalogue of Numan releases that have followed that first rough and ready single.
 At the time many people gave me two albums at the most before I’d be swept to one side like so many other would-be pop stars before and since. It was a very reasonable point of view to be honest so I’m as surprised as anyone to find myself still here, still making chart music and reading a book like this.
 In fact, looking through these pages, I’m amazed at just how much music I’ve released over the years since ‘That’s Too Bad.’ A few of the songs detailed here I can barely remember, some I genuinely don’t remember at all. But then it seems that I’ve written quite a few so, perhaps, forgetting some of them isn’t quite as surprising as it might seem. Others of course are like old friends, friends that continue to give me a most exciting and rewarding life.
 Songwriting is an art you never stop trying to master, knowing always that mastering is impossible. Making mistakes is almost essential, because sometimes the mistakes made on one forgettable song can help turn the next one into something far more special. How else can you learn and improve? So, good or bad, they all have a part to play in any songwriting career. This book details them all, good, bad and middling. It chronicles the ebb and flow of my so-called creativity and isn’t afraid to say where I succeeded and where, perhaps, I did not.
 The amount of work that Paul has put into Electric Pioneer is enormous. It is, without doubt, the most complete and thorough discography of my music that I’ve ever seen and I’m very grateful to him for making the huge effort required to put it together. I only hope that I can carry on for another 25 years and have the pleasure of, one day, reading Volume 2. I certainly intend to try.
 I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Gary Numan.

July 2004.


Record Collector, May, 2005
Excellently presented and immaculately researched...will have fans salivating from the first page. Personally endorsed by Numan himself. 

Book Description
Since his astonishing breakthrough in 1979 with ‘Are Friends Electric?’ and ‘Cars’ - selling an incredible 10 million records in 2 years with Tubeway Army and solo - Gary Numan has built up an impressive body of work- from the well-known hits to the idiosyncratic and obscure - and retained a devoted cult following. From his earliest recordings with Tubeway Army in late 1977 to his current, Nu-Metal championed solo works, Electric Pioneer, An Armchair Guide To Gary Numan is the first ever guide to his recorded output, documenting every single and album and featuring sections on his live shows, memorabilia and DVD releases. Includes:Complete discographies and videographies. A full concert guide.- Detailed sections on bootlegs, books, tribute albums and so much more.- Electric Pioneer, An Armchair Guide To Gary Numan is the ultimate reference guide to one of the world’s most consistently refreshing and challenging artists. 


A Bradford man is hoping his first book on his pop idol will storm up the literary charts.

Thirty eight year old Paul Goodwin left Hanson school in 1982 with no formal qualifications but always dreamed of writing a book, he said I worked in a warehouse when I left school then I passed my driving test, I become a delivery driver and now I work in a plumbers merchants behind the till.

Paul has written an armchair guide to Gary Numan called Electric Pioneer which is out now. Keyboard wizard Numan’s first hit was Are Friends Electric with Tubeway Army in 1979 and he followed it with solo hits like Cars and We Are Glass. 

Paul lives with his partner, Kathy Doyle 36 and five year old son James in Kings Road Worse, Kathy said she often woke up in the middle of the night to find Paul scribbling ideas. She said he’d be sitting writing while pushing the pram and watching tellytubbies.

Paul finished writing the book in may 2003 and sent it off to helter skelter publishing who snapped it up. With things going well he decided to contact Gary Numan and asked him if he would write the book’s foreword. Paul said: I sent him an email and didn’t hear anything for a while. Then one day out I was checking my inbox and there it was he’d sent me a full page foreword. The book then became the official guide to Gary Numan.

Paul said: You'll all love this book, its huge, packed to the gills with Numan Memorabilia from the last 26 years, facts, figures, oh everything you can imagine. I worked solidly on this book for something like two years so it's pretty trippy. There is a small section dedicated to some of the Numan internet sites, it's not particularly big as I was limited space wise and I'm sorry if I didn't include the right sites, all I can say is I tried my best. Perhaps a revised edition of the book will rectify any mistakes.

Questions and Answers

Numanme: How long have you been a fan?

Paul: I’ve been a fan since mid 1980, I heard “I Die; You Die” on the radio and that was it, total devotion. For me, Gary Numan’s music is uplifting, highly charged with emotion and utterly unique. In a strange way the huge critical onslaught that Gary received has prevented anyone from trying to emulate him. My parents by the way did not “get” Numan at all, my father in particular was completely baffled by his appeal so I was constantly derided for playing his music at home when I was younger. It was also increasingly tough to be a fan as the mid 80’s swung around because Numan’s career began to swing wildly between solo endeavours and guest projects and that unique Numan sound began to disappear. I remember buying “No More Lies”, the third Sharpe And Numan single and really not liking it at all. Flipping the single over though was another new track entitled “Voices.” I thought this song was fantastic yet here it was thrown away as a mere B-side. Something was clearly wrong. In the book I describe the Numan Army as fracturing at this point in time and visibly trickling away. I have to confess that I was one of those that trickled away for a few years. 

Numanme: What Gary Numan album do you consider your favourite?

Paul; “Pure”, I love that record. I think that “A Prayer For The Unborn” and “Walking With Shadows” are proof, if ever it was needed, that Gary Numan has plenty of life left in him yet. Of the early records I’d plum for “Telekon.”

Numanme: Are you a serious collector?

Paul; Within reason yes, I buy all the latest releases, all formats, all countries. It’s an obsession I think. I’m 38 now and I can’t see my love of all things Gary Numan diminishing yet.

Numanme: What do you think Gary will make of the book?

Paul; Gary has had a copy of “Electric Pioneer” since the spring and from speaking to both Tony and Gary I think they, by and large, approve of it. I’m very, very lucky to have been given the seal of approval via a foreword and I can’t thank Gary enough for taking time out of his busy professional life to write what he did. I wasn’t sure whether the include the two bootleg sections in the book because the one thing I wanted the book to be was positive throughout, however, by not including the truly illegal ones I think I’ve written a fair account of the bootleg scene and hopefully upset no-one as a result.

Numanme: What subjects do you cover in the book?

“Electric Pioneer” is all about the music of Gary Numan, it’s a 26 year, 288 page journey and I think fans will really like this book. Its crammed to the teeth with Memorabilia, singles, albums, artwork, dvd’s, videos and a very detailed live history. Its not a price guide but it is written in such a way that once you’ve read it you can start all over again and approach it in a different way. You can ignore my comments and read it simply as a reference guide or you can check the book against your own collection to see if I’ve included something that you missed originally or you can pick over it like a detective and see if I either made a mistake somewhere or failed to include something that I should have. Don’t forget, I’m a fan too and this is no band wagon jumping cheap tatty book full of cleverly cut up pictures and hardly anything to read, “Electric Pioneer” has 288 A4 sized pages of text. I could fit another word on if I tried!

Numanme: How long has it taken to write? 

Paul; I started writing the book in March 2002 and finished it in November. Then in February 2003 I finally began typing the book up and finished that in August 2003. Ever since then I’ve been updating it, correcting it and rewriting bits. Helter Skelter Books came it to the picture early this year and finally the end is in sight!

Numanme: Where did you get all your information from?

Paul; Everywhere really, thing is, I’ve always felt that when Numan finally succumbed to cultdom in the early 90’s all the fans kind of went their separate ways and everyone it seemed took a piece of the Numan legend with them. I’ve found that everyone I spoke to knew certain things and what I have done is piece this jigsaw puzzle back together. There will obviously be things in the book that are very well known but you see I also wrote this book for the isolated fans in countries that do not stock Numan CD’s. 

Numanme: Will the book be out on time?

Paul; that is down to me I’m afraid, the cover photo copyright has yet to be resolved though we are close. Also I’m re-scanning a few items for the book too. I’m very busy and trying desperately to tie up all the loose ends. Don’t worry, we’ll be on time I promise.

Numanme: Is the book if full colour?

Paul; My version is, I don’t know about the published version yet. I hope so though.

Numanme: How many pages is the book?

Paul; I know I’ve stated 288 but there is actually a few more, I think the full page count is closer to 292.

Numanme: Do you think this book will appeal to all Numan fans or just to the serious collector? 

Paul; On November the 10th I’m about to find out. Helter Skelter love it and I’m sure everyone else will too.

Numanme: Are you proud of the book?

Paul; Yes, I’ve never wrote a book before so it’s a tremendous achievement and to get it published is just unreal. The second book “Electric Pioneer 2” is almost completed and I hope to interest Helter Skelter in that one as well. I’ve loved ever second of writing the second one. I hope and pray that I can get a deal for this one too because I think this book will be very much cherished by fans.

What Tony Webb (Gary’s Father and Manager) had to say about the book.

Yes we are aware of this book, Paul Goodwin has been in touch with us during the writing of it. I have a draft copy and I must admit that I have already referred to it once or twice in answering questions received from fans.

Tony Webb.

The Paperback has 298 pages consisting of Numan Memorabilia from the last 26 years, facts, figures, and more. Also available is a Limited Edition Hardback 500 copies only and signed by Gary Numan available exclusively from www.helterskelterbooks.com the paperback is also available www.amazon.co.uk 

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