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2003 May Future
Title: Future
Artist: Dramatis

1. Oh! 2025  4.27
2. Human Sacrifice 3.47
3. I Only Rewind 4.08
4. No-one Lives Forever 3.49
5. Love Needs No Disguise 4.37
6. Turn 5.18
7. Take Me Home 5.23
8. On Reflection 3.25
9. Ex Luna Scientia 4.55

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2003 May
Format: CD
Record Label: Teenline Dementia 
Catalogue No: TEENIE060
Price Guide: 15.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted [LIVE] Future Tubeway Army Gary Numan Reissue of the Dramatis Project
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: --- 



This album has very little to do with Numan or Tubeway Army (no Paul Gardiner or Jess lidyard who with Numan made up the Tubeway Army trio). Numan`s only contribution is a guest vocal on the first single Love Needs No Disguise. Dramatis, Chris Payne, RRussell Bell, Cedric Sharpley and Denis Haines were Numan`s studio and touring band for his Pleasure Principle and Telekon albums.They formed the band after Numan`s Wembley arena concerts and "retirement" from touring in 1981. It`s a fine sounding album and still stands up well even after 26 years.While still relying on keyboards as a base to most of the songs it takes no influance from the Numan sound of the time it`s less mean and moody. It even has songs to with love, Love needs no disguse, On reflection,Turn and the second single Ex luna scientia. Every song has a different feel these guys had no distintive sound, and the album is all the better for it pick a song to suit your mood. This was Dramatis` one and only album although two other singles did follow I only find rewind the third lifted from this album. Unfortunatly I can see her now and The shame along with all three singles from For Future Reference failed to reach high chart positions. They never received the the recognistion they deserved. 

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