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Gary's first studio album,

"Not an embarrassing album itís very young, not particularly well produced but quite interesting. You tend to be more adventurous then, you get a bit safe when thereís more to lose." 

Quotations taken from an interview with the ď Record Collector Ē

Listen To The Sirens
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

Flow my tears
The new police song
The slogan of peace is:
'You must live'
They've got me and I'm one of them

Cancel - 'silence'
They screamed for days
'We've been here before
We won't stay'
They can die
They can just turn off

Some vehicle moves in circles
Some people need the heroes
But I don't mind
I don't mind

Please listen to the sirens
We don't wish to be your friends
Please listen to the sirens
We won't ever call again

Mister Webb
There is no way out
Love this room
Please don't fight your walls
Can you see I'm wasting your time?

A streetcar's rusting unseen
Music hall's empty like me
But I don't care
I don't care

Please listen to the sirens
We don't wish to be your friends
Please listen to the sirens
We won't ever call again

If I could stay here for now
With someone just a bit like you
'Oh no'
Maybe I would dream again
Of someone just a bit like you
'S'pose so'

Station boys
Keep their hands on steel
Tubeway days now seem
Quite unreal
It's alway so close but
Never quite arrives

My vision's like an old film. Shaky
There's nothing through my window. OK
No photo by my bedside. Black / white
No image in my mirror. Bye bye

My Shadow In Vain

('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

Stroll to the cafe
My God how time flies
I close up my brain
And another friend dies

I feel like a mirror
Feel like nothing is mine
I could go back to crying
But now dying seems fine

So I hang from the ceiling
Or I sit on the air
I'll rot in the corner
Until somebody cares

Faces at random
I quote people I knew
I'd love to be like me
If I could feel like you

Here am I more roche five the pain
Here am I just me and my walls to blame
Here am I, I really don't feel quite sane
Here am I still searching for my shadow in vain

Lock my door I only think in black and white
I'll even try to look ashamed

Moving out of Central
Somebody knows me well
Says he'll spill the whole story
He may be lying, I can't tell

Meet me inside
I'll keep my head on the floor
And one hand on the handle
Of the mad / sane door

The Life Machine
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

Me I've just died
But some machine keeps on humming
I'm just an extra piece
Of dead meat to keep running
Why won't you let me die in peace
Why won't you let me die with
Some kind of honour
Why won't you let me die at all
I know
You've got your principles

My body lies immobile
I left it days ago
And me I watch from somewhere
As the loved ones come and go
I see them glancing at the switch
I hear them whispering
'Maybe it's better that way'
I see the love turn into feelings
I know
Aren't quite the same

I see the men of learning
Pacing to and fro
But how can I expect
The sane to ever know
I'd rather die than have no mind
I know my brain is gone
'Damage beyond repair'
I see an empty shell below me
I know
I've had my time

('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

See the strange boy keeping to the shadows
He's a very good friend of mine
I've seen you running from the ladies
Don't tell me you're not the kind
I've got the time if you've got the money
Mister you'll be pleased you'll see
We'll meet by the Tubeway
As the screamer cries 'Eleven'
And you can have your way with me

You're gonna make me feel so cold

See my one love talking to the pretty boy
I never did like her taste
My skin is rubber on a skeletal body
And I'm physically going to waste
Feel my eyes and the tongue of a killer
I'm a humanoid logic machine
Don't touch me with your painted little fingers
Cos I know where they've been

You're not gonna put those scabs on me

I must hide from a thousand grinning faces
All sucking from my crazy mind
Take a ride out in my imagery of ages
And heaven knows what you will find
I've no time for the chitter-chatter ladies
I'm so busy trying to break this wall
Hear my words cos emotion
Now is leaving
You see I'm really not a human at all

And I don't think I wanna stay

Something's In The House
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

Memories lost in faded films of my life
And a friend that used to be something special to me
Red wine and good times if you don't feel at all
There is no point in going on tonight

Something's in the house
Something's on the stairs
War's in the air

The queer is out of order
And me, i'm on the ground
But that's no place to be
Jack Burroughs says 'What you doing?'
'Oh, me I'm going home'
'Oh what a shame'
Nothing has changed
And nothing is new these days

(I don't want to be here)

Every Day I Die
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

The problems of need
I need you
Obscene dreams in
Rusty beds
No-one came here
I pulled on me
I need to

I unstick pages and read
I look at pictures of you
I smell the lust in my hand
Everyday I die

Her favourite trick was to Suck me inside
Oh so very art nouveau
Completely false feelings of love. I don't
No-one knows but that died years ago

Steel And you
(Also known as 'The Machine')
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

It's so quiet and dark
And I shouldn't be here
This machine won't last
For always

Just my steel friend and me
I stand brave by his side
This machine is all
I live for

I can see in your eyes
You're not so sure about me
This machine is my voice
Please listen

It's so noisy and bright
And I just love being here
This machine will last
For my life

My Love Is A Liquid
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

Can you see her little eyes
Can you see her little hands
Don't you think
She looks just like me

Can you hear her little scream
Can you hear her little cry
Don't you think
She sounds just like me

You have friends and we have reasons
I can't meet you
Face to face
There are no corners to hide in my room
No doors no windows no fireplace

My love is only for me
My love needs nobody else
Did you know that
My love is a liquid

I could talk to me for years
I can't speak to you at all
Did you know that
Friends come in boxes


Save your money buy a tube
Let your body flow inside
Watch it grow before your eyes
Watch it grow efore your eyes


Are You Real?
(1978, "Tubeway Army" album)

No-one's alive
You could almost be me
What do you mean?
Oh, nothing. Nothing at all
Room 8, top floor
I've seen this man before
Are you real?

Is it me, is it you?

Cold metal voice
Of no-one's friend it could be mine
My reflection
Is no longer me at all
Am I a fake of 'The Man'
And are you of me?
Are you real?

Is it me, is it you?

Relax in a backroom
Oh me, oh my, oh wouldn't you
I know your face
Your connection is broken, boy
Nothing is new
Remember? I've got no time
Are you real?

Is it me, is it you?


The Dream Police
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

The dream police
Slogan: - 'What is on your mind?'
The airwave boys
Junkies won't get radio time
The purist league
White trenchcoats in pre-war style
The ageing queens
'Mister, won't you stay a while'

In death row with Harlow
And others like you
I point my finger of hate
At your picture an love you and love you
The radio is talking
Is it you or me
I must admit
It's far too late to dial police

What is your name
We are at the end of the line
Her eyes went out
Dreaming 'overdose on time'
Hey you old grey eyes
Don't practice dying for real
The only one
September she knows I can feel

Jo The Waiter
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978)

Jo the waiter worked for me
Serving wine in basement bars
Only madmen ever stay, 'Got no time'
If you're mindless please take mine

Jo the waiter held me close
Behind the door marked 'Gentlemen'
Just for now that's all I need
Won't someone call me 'Friend'

Long gone. I recall good times
I must confess I cried

We burned out and the line went dead
At six o'clock I felt so alone
I crawled inside, 'Where else to go?'
I could be dead for all you know
Every day I died for you
Valium boys with painted eyes
Young men need love special
I don't think I want it at all

Long gone. I recall good times
I must confess I cried

Me I've retired to a back street flat
Picture 'Eyes in a cold steel frame'
The freaks arrive
Broken needles and blood
'What you on man to get those eyes?'

It's very touching I'm so close to me
False smiles I've rehearsed for days
Come inside you won't know I'm wrong
Give me your heart I'm so quickly gone

Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)
('Tubeway Army album, 1978)

My name is Smith
Your silence is my trade
My name is Smith
Here in this bar you fade out

Time heals nothing
It merely rearranges our memory
In zero bars
Even time no longer seems
Willing to try

Please look around
Empty faces
That can't ever quite die
Don't be surprised
Their bodies move by habit
Look in their eyes

Nothing is real
If you break down and cry
They won't even stare
Nobody feels
It's far too risky
To admit that you care
Stay around

My name is Smith
Your silence is my trade
My name is Smith
Here in this bar you fade out

Fadeout 1930

Fadeout 1930 era
I never really tried you out
Like all my friends that used to be
Just never had the time for me

You can change your colours
I'll just change my point of view
I'll live a lie to prove my point
Or I'll turn all my thoughts to you

Fadeout 1930

Keep a low profile
Strange how it gets around
Out of sight, out of mind
I look through me I'm out of mine
Everything I say, I've heard
And nothing's mine except my wall
Do you begin to see
There really is no me at all

Fadeout 1930

Please don't feel scared
Nothing's ever quite what it seems
I hope the sadness doesn't show
For I still cling to some old dreams

Private thoughts just to you
My head liked private ways
I never tried so hard before
I've really nothing left to say

That's Too Bad

I look up and the camera eye is
Searching my room
The TV screen is calling me
But for what or whom?
Please, mister, do be careful
I'm so frgile
Maybe they'll let me down to
Speedy's place for a while

Oh, well that's too bad

I talk a lot, a sign of fear
I thought you should know
I can see pictures of me
Well they're so-so
I'll come on to the leader
Like I'm some hero
He'll laugh and raise his dying eyes
And then tell me to go

Oh, well that's too bad

1920 flashbacks
For an hour or more
Of crazy actors hiding
In the doorways top floor
Machines scream in anger
From a thousand dead ends
I turn my face, I crawl away
I look for a friend

Oh, well that's too bad

Oh! Didn't I Say
(B-side, 'That's Too Bad' single, 1978)

Faces staring through my window
I can play a boy you might know
Standing cold and old I'm insane
Is uncertain just like my name

The lemon kid is my friend
But even he don't know me well
That's too bad
Oh well the waiter is an old man
Who looks at me so sly and strange
What's on his mind?

Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you

From a doorway says 'You got time?'
'Not tonight if you don't mind'
Oh no
My fear of streets I cower
My room is home for hours

You can stay if you know your lines
But please take care I'll suck your mind
You'll never guess
And you can never know me
I'll change if I begin to feel
'What's your name?'
Zero hero says I'm no-one
He could be right but who's to know?
Uh, man from the sky...
Oh well I'm growing tired of this place
I think it's time to change my face
You can't even try

Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you


Look up I hear the scream of sirens on the wall
I see a policeman crying in the back seat of a dying ford
Hotel waiters leave the bedrooms of stars who are far too old
And no-one ever told me that I could be so cold

Bombers flight at zero
Feet, feet
Bombers flight at zero

I see an old man knocked to the ground and beaten by the vicar's wife
And no-one stops to help they're far too busy tring to save their own lives
A tiny girl screams for mother and wanders out into the street
I saw her go down underneath a thousand people's running feet

Bombers flight at zero
Feet, feet
Bombers flight at zero

All the junkies pulling needles from their arms and hope it lasts the night
All the soldiers curse the day they joined the army and prepare to fight
In silent bars, in silent rooms, in silent cars, you hide where you can
And me I know just where you are, you see, I'm a bomber man

Bombers flight at zero
Feet, feet
Bombers flight at zero

Blue Eyes
(B-side, 'Bombers' single, 1978)

Well you're pretty quick to say you love me
But I've met your kind before
So I took you twice on our first night
Well, I was never gonna trust you too far

I love your blue eyes
When you cry
I love your blue eyes

You tried to make me crawl far too soon
You should know me better by now
I didn't even feel like trying it with you
I knew that I could break you somehow

I love your blue eyes
When you cry
I love your blue eyes

OD Receiver

I can't see you
I can't hear you
I feel you pumping just beyond my door
I know exactly what
You've crawled her for
Cringe down lower
You're all dressed in grey
Me I'm still breathing
It's just not your day

I hear you whisper like an open grave
OD receiver I am all you crave
Your dying, crying, I can hear you fall
Your bony fingers pushing on my wall

OD receiver

I hear you screaming, well at least you try
Me, I'm stil smiling but I don't know why
I'd call a doctor if I had the time
But I'm so busy with this fix of mine

OD receiver

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