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1992 Oct Machine & Soul
Title: Machine & Soul
Artist: Gary Numan

Machine And Soul
The Skin Game
I Wonder
U Got The Look
Love Isolation

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 1992 Oct
Format: CD
Record Label: Numa 
Catalogue No: NUMACD 1009
Price Guide: 8.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 42
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar)
Kipper (Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
Mike Smith (Keyboards)
Ade Orange (Keyboards)
Keith Beauvais (Guitars)
Jackie Rawe (Backing Vocals)
Cathi Ogden (Backing Vocals)
Susie Webb (Backing Vocals)
Zoe Nicholas (Backing Vocals)

All tracks written & produced by Gary Numan, except Produced by Gary Numan and Kipper (*)On 'Generator', Music by Gary Numan and Kipper & Lyrics by Gary Numan
On 'U Got The Look', Written by Prince, Produced by Gary Numan

Engineered and mixed by Gary Numan at Outland Studio

Cassette Cover

NUMAC 1009



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4:00 Emotion 4:12 In A Glasshouse 7" UK Numa NU22 CS UK Numa NUC22 7:40 Emotion (Extended Mix) 4:12 In A Glasshouse 2:06 Hanoi 12" UK Numa NUM22 4:00 Emotion 4:12 In A Glasshouse 2:06 Hanoi 8:00 Emotion (CD Mix) CD5 UK Numa NUCD22

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4:09 The Skin Game 3:13 Dark Mountain 7" UK Numa NU23 CS UK Numa NUC23 7:41 The Skin Game (Lycra Mix) 3:13 Dark Mountain 4:09 The Skin Game (Nu Mix) 12" UK Numa NUM23 4:09 The Skin Game 3:13 Dark Mountain 4:00 U Got The Look 6:18 The Skin Game (Digi Mix) CD5 UK Numa NUCD23 

CLICK HERE 1992 Machine & Soul (Part 1) 12"/CD

4:54 Machine & Soul (Mix 1) 3:17 Soul Protection 4:15 Confession 5:19 From Russia Infected "(Interval 3)" is at the end of "From Russia Infected" The last three tracks were recorded live in Blackburn at King Georges Hall in October 1991. 12" UK Numa NUM124 Machine & Soul (Part 1) 7:33 Machine & Soul (Mix 3) 4:17 Cry Baby 4:02 Wonder Eye 4:09 Machine & Soul (Promo Mix 1) CD5 UK Numa NUCD124

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5:54 Machine & Soul (Mix 2) 4:26 Your Fascination 3:55 Outland 4:03 Respect The last three tracks were recorded live in Brussels at the Club Ancienne Belgique in September 1991. 12" UK Numa NUM224 Machine & Soul (Part 2) 8:57 Machine & Soul (Mix 4) 4:53 1999 4:10 The Hauntings 4:29 Machine & Soul (Promo Mix 2) CD5 UK Numa NUCD224


The digitally remastered version of the Machine And Soul album, including the extra tracks,  first made available by Eagle Records in The Numa Years Box Set.

The original album was released by Gary Numans own record label, Numa Records, in 1992.


I think that the professional and amateur reviewers just spend too much time on occasion trying to place a given work within a larger context. How about just taking a record at face value? I think this is a great collection of songs, regardless of the fact that the songs are culled from a rather dysfunctional 18 month period of Numan's career. So what? I never knew that. All I hear is the music, and "Machine and Soul" is a real rocker. The themes developed revolve around a fairly jaundiced view of love as corruption in a technological, industrial age. "Generator" has an interesting, funky sound that features a chanted "Hey, hey, hey." In this song there are wonderful, atmospheric interludes, which tell of delights to come on this disc. The song ends with a sample from "2001: A Space Odyssey."
"The Skin Game" is spectacular, with a great chorus that sings: "One more question: Am I in danger?" "Poison" is a relief after this energetic introduction, with a shoop-dee-shoo beat, very quirky and fun. I should mention that the production values are, as usual, sky-high. The recording is crystal clear. It's just great stereo. 

"I wonder" is a gorgeous Numan ballad, heart on the sleeve stuff, beautifully atmospheric. The follow-up is "Emotion," another driving song with an original beat. "Cry" is another flawless rocker that features nice chimes in the percussion. "U Got the Look" has a reverberant band accompaniment, a grand sound. Numan sings: "I never saw a girl who looked so tough." The song is a great deal of fun, very much tongue in cheek. "Love isolation," a very low-key meditation on love lost,brings the original album to a close. 

The twenty minutes of bonus material are great. The first is a grim, atmospheric piece that features a monstrous sounding voice and echoing glissandi. This piece, "Hanoi," seems to blend into the next, "Dark Mountain," where the echoing atmospherics continue. "The Hauntings" is more of the same, so these three pieces give the impression of being a larger-scale composition. 

Numan's cover of "1999" is a good change from the contemplative pieces, lively and competent. "Cry Baby" is a welcome reprise of "Cry," a bit less frantic with a more deliberate beat. "Wonder Eye" is a slower version of the lovely "I Wonder," bringing the disk full circle essentially.

In short, I cannot imagine that Numan fans would be disappointed.

Reviewer: Amazon.co.uk (Customer Review) 
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