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1988 Sep Metal Rhythm
Title: Metal Rhythm
Artist: Gary Numan
Tracklisting:  This Is Emotion
New Anger
Young Heart
Cold Metal Rhythm
Dont Call My Name
How old: This Album is old!
Release Date: Sep 1988 
Format: LP 
Record Label: Independent Record Syndicate 
Catalogue No: ILP 035
Price Guide: 7.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 1
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming)
Keith Beauvais (Guitar)
Ian Herron (Percussion)
Mike Smith (Keyboards)
Tessa Niles (Vocals)
Andy Coughlan (Bass)
Dick Morrisey (Saxophone)
Peter Haycock (Guitar, Slide Guitar)
RRussell Bell (Guitar)
Martin Elliott (Bass)
Chris Payne (Violin)

Recorded at Black Barn Studios, Studio House, The Factory, Rock City Sound Studios

Engineered by Ted Miller, Ray Hedges, Tim Summerhayes Assisted by Julie Gibson

Mixed at Popps Farm by Nick Smith, Ben Fenner, Assisted by Robin Black


IMC 035



CLICK HERE 1988 Sep New Anger 7"/12"/CD

3:20 New Anger 3:22 I Don't Believe 7" UK Independent Record Syndicate ILS 1003 7" UK Independent Record Syndicate ILSP 1003 (Poster Sleeve) 3:20 New Anger 3:22 I Don't Believe 3:08 Children 12" UK Independent Record Syndicate ILSG 1003 (Gatefold) 12" UK Independent Record Syndicate ILST 1003S (Picture Sleeve) 3:20 New Anger 3:22 I Don't Believe 4:33 Creatures (Live) 3:38 I Can't Stop (Live) Live tracks are taken from Ghost LP. CD5 UK Independent Record Syndicate ILSCD 1003



1988 Nov America 7"/12"/CD

3:00 America 4:22 Respect (Live '88) 7" UK Illegal Records ILS 1004 (Picture Sleeve) 7" UK Illegal Records ILSPD 1004 (Picture Disc) 3:00 America 4:22 Respect (Live '88) 3:24 New Anger (Live '88) 12" UK Illegal Records ILST 1004 (Picture Sleeve) 3:00 America 4:22 Respect (Live '88) 3:24 New Anger (Live '88) 3:58 Call Out The Dogs (Live) "Call Out The Dogs" is taken from Ghost LP. CD5 UK Illegal Records ILSCD 1004


Metal Rhythm's programmed beats, hustling vocals and 'slippery' guitar throw futuristic funk shapes but the music is also raw, pysched up and brutal. The rock power chords recall Numan's first Tubeway Army album and his adolescent enthusiasm for Iggy Pop and Queen.

Metal Rhythm's mix of sampling technology and guitars is a development from the artist's earlier work, which was never pure synthesizer music. Numan's aggressive production, bitter vocals and dark lyrics pitch it in an artistically fertile area somewhere between Janet Jackson's Control and Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine. Like Reznor's NIN debut, the persona projected on Metal Rhythm is restless, emotionally unstable, scathing about human frailties and flaws, self loathing about his own.

In 1988, after a decade in and out of the spotlight, Numan had changed very little from the edgy young man Jon Savage had interviewed for the Melody Maker in 1979. "Numan talks, white t-shirt, wary eyes, soft voice, in a hotel room," wrote Savage. "He doesn't really understand human nature, or even like people very much - he worries about getting close to people, becoming a product."

Text by Steve Malins. (From the Metal Rhythm sleeve notes)


Metal Rhythm

Altough often claimed as one of the more commercial Gary Numan albums, Metal Rhythm still has a lot of typical numan style in it. Originally titled Cold Metal Rhythm, this had to be changed because the record company thought "Cold" brings to much negativity. The North America release was titled "New Anger" and has a slightly different track list. On "New Anger" the track "Young hearts" is missing. You find a remixed Version of "A child with a Ghost" on it instead. The album starts with "Emotion", not a very strong openener in my opinion. Nice little peace of electro pop, where once again Numan lets a big part to the background singers. Followed by "Hunger", which has a more dense atmosphere, but still is miles away from what the listener expects. "New Anger" reflects the situation Numan was in, when writing this album. Very powerful song, this time with perfectly dosed background singing. This is followed by one of my all time favs "Devious". In my opinion, a perfect blend between mainstream and Numan Style. I especially like the kind of singing he does on this album. Its sometimes cold, alienated and sometimes a bit neurotic. "America" reflects Numans impressions during his stay in the states in the 80s. For me its the most commercial track on the whole album. Altough it failed becoming a hit single. 
"Voix" is the absolut top track on the whole album. For me its a nightmare that has come to life. Simply brilliant. And it best represents the albums theme "Metal Rhythm". The next track "Respect" is about Numans trouble with artists he had signed for his NUMA label, and which got him into some trouble. I also like the live version of that song. "Young hearts" is very funky track, but not very much Numan style. Maybe one reason why it is missing on "New Anger". "Metal Rhythm" musically goes in the same direction as "Voix" and again reflects some of Numans struggle with the music industry, especially with radio stations. The album closes with "Dont call my name" which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful ballads Numan ever made. If you are trying to get your girlfriend into Numan, play this song for her. It is absolutely brilliant.

by damon06

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