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1991 Mar Outland
Title: Outland
Artist: Gary Numan

(Interval 1)
Soul Protection
My World Storm
Dream Killer
Dark Sunday
(Interval 2)
From Russia Infected
(Interval 3)

Bonus Tracks

Tread Careful

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 1991 Mar
Format: CD
Record Label: Independent Record Syndicate
Catalogue No: EIRSACD 1039
Price Guide: 10.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 39
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Keyboards, Drums/Percussion programming,
Samples, Acoustic Guitar, Fretless Bass, Bass samples)
Mike Smith (Keyboards, Toms, Guitar sample, Percussion programming,
Slide Guitar, Brass, Bongoes, Sax samples, Stick samples)
Keith Beauvais (Guitar)
Cathi Ogden (Vocals)
Nick Beggs (Stick, Bass)
Dick Morrissey (Saxophone)
Tim Whitehead (Saxophone)
RRussell Bell (Guitar)
Paul Harvey (Rhythm/Slide Guitar)

Written, produced, engineered, mixed, and recorded by Gary Numan
Recorded at Outland Studio
U.S. mastering by Stephan Marcussen and Ron Rutledge at Precision

Cassette Cover




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4:06 Heart 3:17 Ice-House 7" UK Independent Record Syndicate NUMAN 1 CS UK Independent Record Syndicate NUMANC 1 4:06 Heart 5:13 Are 'Friends' Electric? (The Renegade Soundwave 1991 Remix) 4:08 Tread Careful 12" UK Independent Record Syndicate NUMANTX 1 4:08 Heart 3:19 Ice-House 4:12 Tread Careful CD5 UK Independent Record Syndicate NUMANCD 1

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Two and a half years after Metal Rhythm, in spring 1991, IRS released their second Gary Numan studio album, Outland. The LP followed a familiar commercial pattern, charting at number 39 in the UK but rapidly tumbling out of peoples memories
once the hardcore had bought it. Overseas there were glimpses of promise, especially in America where it sold over 20,000 copies, but IRS were in organisational turmoil at the time and they effectively imploded in 1991 taking Numan's career with them. He spent the next two years trying to recover lost ground.

To be fair, Outland is a strange, off-beat record and hardly the stuff of a promotional departments dreams. It's main thrust comes from complex, deftly programmed rhythms which owe a debt to the
pioneering work of the American production team Jam and Lewis. Numan's albums The Pleasure Principle, Dance and Metal Rhythm had already demonstrated his innovative use of percussion, heralding hip hop breakbeats, trip hop's slow motions and 90's industrial funk. On Outland the backing tracks hiccup with electronic beats as the artist mixes sci fi dance with black R&B pop.

Text by Steve Malins. (From the Outland sleeve notes)


The cover looks like something from Blade Runner. The title was also a sci-fi flick. The track titles sound dark, mysterious...from a dystopian future. Numan was always dark. One might think Blade Runner itself came out of Numan's synths in the late 70s... 

Then you pop it in, and you get some kind of whacky Janet Jackson--Jam & Lewis--Blade Runner--white Prince--white funk--moody--dance record that is all over the place. Truth be told, when I first bought this it was so different from my expectations that I backed away slowly and then came back to it for reconsideration. Good idea. 

I think Numan has to be a genius. I don't know how else to explain an album that samples Blade Runner (again), samples Predator, samples Alien, then busts out into a white funk cavalcade with the classic Numan voice but all the trappings of Janet Jackson on Control. What the heck was going on? It deserves inspection---this album is tough to find and rarely reviewed. 

But...by law, if you like an artist enough, you'll mine diamonds out of the darkest pits. Compared to other 'phases' of his sound, this experiment is not high on my list. But at least one track (Whisper) is now one of his best ballads, I think. Outland, My World Storm...it's like you raided the juke box at Taffy Lewis' bar. And how many guys can write a song called From Russia Infected and turn it into a Bobby Brown-white funk-saxes-happy-tune. Lyrically, it's very consistent with Numan---cold terror, fatalism, prostitution of some form or another, alienation, disgust and cynicism with the music industry, it's all here. And once again, the gap between how the lyrics read and how the album then sounds is extraordinary. Truly a master at hiding a dark world-view and deep pain under light, poppy sounds. 

Perhaps someone can explain to me how the guy behind Replicas and Telekon got to be obsessed with the `Minneapolis Funk Factory' sound of producers Jam & Lewis and with sounding like a white Prince (finally just breaking down to cover Prince in the oft-reviled follow-up Machine + Soul). That bass sound---that barp-barp-ba-darp bass-thingeee, I don't know what it is--the cold, metallic drum machine, the horn hits, the backup singers, that sexy dance pop sound, the big production sound, the sci-fi-tech-funk-whatever-you-call-it...it's little wonder many casual fans backed away from this business. 

The cover is deceiving. The title is deceiving. The whole thing came and went on the IRS label, while Numan was in between iterations of his own Numa label. You can hardly find a review of this thing. And yet there it is. This version has bonus tracks---three original songs and then two remixes of My World Storm. The songs are fantastic---once again, an excellent b-side artist. How is Icehouse not on the album? Shame, Tread Careful---good tracks, not overlong, catchy, and well-produced---perhaps a good capsule of what the heck he was trying to do here. Yes, they can sound like Prince. No, I don't know why he was obsessed with sounding like other artists after being such an innovator in the early 70s-late 80s. But sometimes, given a chance, it can even work. 

Not recommended for the starting Numan fan. Or even the intermediate. This is for those who want to delve deeper into the horn hits, the saxes, the female vocals, and that barp-barp-ba-darp bass sound...

Reviewer: Amazon.co.uk (Customer Review) 

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