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2001 Feb Purified
Title: 2001 Feb Purified
Artist: Gary Numan
Tracklisting:  2001 Feb Purified

Audio CD tour programme with 12 page booklet:
where Gary answers 50 questions since the release of Pure.
Contains 5 clips of music including early demos of Rip and
Walking With Shadows, and 3 demos of songs not making Pure.
Sold during the UK and US/Canada legs of the 2001 Pure tour.

Approx 72:00 Total Time See more info here
How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2001 Jun
Format: CD
Record Label: Machine Music Ltd 
Catalogue No: TPACD01
Price Guide: 15.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: --- 



50 fan question self-interview / music disc that was only available from Gary Numan's official website shop, NuWorld and on sale at each venue during the Worldwide Pure tour.

Booklet states: 
This CD contains a fifty question interview with Gary Numan. All the questions were sent in from Numan fans around the world and have been collated into five groups: The Pure Album, Touring, Song Writing And Music, Fans and General. Each question is numbered in this booklet and you can the answer by simply selecting the relevant track number on your CD player. The background music, not available elsewhere, is taken from the Pure sessions. Each piece of music will play before the first question in each group.

Misprints/typos in booklet (corrected below): 
23. Does Modern Technology Make It Easier To Write Songs Are Harder? 
36. Do You Think Some Fans Take The Idolising Of Rock Stars To Far? 

1 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song Pure? 2:53
2 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song Walking With Shadows? 1:14
3 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song Rip? 0:47
4 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song One Perfect Lie? 0:54
5 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song My Jesus? 0:36
6 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song Listen To My Voice? 0:53
7 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song A Prayer For The Unborn? 1:07
8 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song Torn? 1:07
9 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song Little Invitro? 0:19
10 Can You Explain The Lyrics Of The Song I Can't Breathe? 0:42
11 Why Was Pure Such A Difficult Album To Make? 2:40
12 How Does It Feel To Have Such Good Reviews For A Numan Album? 1:05
13 Did Pure End Up Being The Album You Wanted To Make? 1:14
14 Why Is Pure So Dark, Was It Intentional? 0:43
15 Do You Enjoy Touring? 2:47
16 Is It Difficult Deciding What Songs To Play On Tour? 2:34
17 Do You Feel That You Have To Rework Older Songs Live Or Should You Play Them As They Were Originally Recorded? 1:34
18 What Do You Think Of On-Stage, During A Performance? 1:12
19 Would You Ever Use Members From The First '79 Touring Line Up Again? 1:03
20 What Inspires Your Song Writing? 1:45
21 Are You Aware When Writing Songs That They May Become Influental To Others? 1:17
22 How Do You Write Songs, What Comes First? 0:55
23 Does Modern Technology Make It Easier To Write Songs Or Harder? 1:01
24 How Do You React To Other Artists Doing Cover Versions Of Your Songs? 1:01
25 Do You Feel That Song Writing Is An Important Gift? 1:13
26 What Inspired The Return To Form Of The Sacrifice Album in '94? 2:24
27 Would You Like To Write More Music For Movies? 0:47
28 Are You Interested In Working With Other Artists? 1:05
29 Why Do You Write About God So Much? 2:01
30 Do You Mind Your Music Being Used On Adverts? 1:02
31 Are You Proud Of Cars? 0:44
32 Has The Long Success Of Cars, Now A Hit In Four Decades, Been A Good Thing Or Bad? 2:33
33 Reviewers Now Talk Of Your Music As Dark And Industrial. Are You Pleased? 0:31
34 Do You Think Stars Have A Responsibility To Their Fans In Terms Of Behaviour And Moral Standards? 3:07
35 What Do You Feel About Fans? 1:41
36 Do You Think Some Fans Take The Idolizing Of Rock Stars Too Far? 1:45
37 Do You Feel Special Compared To Other People? 2:10
38 Why Did You Stay Insular For So Many Years And Not Mix With People In The Music Business? 2:53
39 How Does It Feel To Be Constantly Namechecked A Influential By Some Of The Biggest Artists In The World? 1:02
40 Why Has Your Relationship With The Press Improved So Much? 1:12
41 Do You Feel That The Credibility You Now Have Is Long Overdue? 0:58
42 How Did You Recover From Your Financial Problems Of The Early 90's? 2:13
43 Do You Like Dance Music? 1:20
44 Are You Gay Or Bisexual? 0:08
45 Are You Drivien By A Desire For Money, If Not, What Drives You? 2:11
46 Do You Have Many Friends? 1:17
47 Is It True You Have A Social Skills Disorder? 2:10
48 Is It True You Have A Telephone Phobia? 1:37
49 Do You Believe Friendship Is Forever? 0:55
50 Do You Worry About Getting Older? 1:10





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