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2007 April Healing
Title: Healing
Artist: Ade Fenton and Gary Numan
Tracklisting:  12" Vinyl

Side 1
1. Healing (Stripped Mix) 6:49 

Side 2 
2. Healing (Psycho Mix) 6:43 
3. Healing (Single Edit) 3:13 

Also available as Digital Download 

1. Healing Radio Edit 3:18 
2. Healed 4:13 
3. Healing (Ade Fenton's Stripped Mix) 6:53 
4. Healing (Ade Fenton's Psycho Mix) 6:44 

How old: This CD+DVD is old!
Release Date: 2007 April
Format: 12"+Download 
Record Label: Submission Records
Catalogue No: SUBLTD01
Price Guide: £10.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: ---



Until last year Fenton was best known for his independent techno record labels Perverter and Advanced. Both have provided the perfect platform for his kind of harsh, twisted soundscapes epitomised by his brutal Confessions Of An English Psychopath single.

However in 2006 Ade Fenton co-produced Gary Numan’s Jagged, described by Q Magazine as a ‘shudder-fest of consistent quality’ , while Mojo enthused, ‘it is supremely confident and the innovator of the 1970s never sounds like he’s trying to play catch-up.’ According to Metal Hammer, ‘if 2000’s Pure album brought Numan back into focus, then Jagged gives his music fresh shape and vitality.’

After working on Jagged, which came out in spring 2006, Ade Fenton spent the next few months completing his own solo debut Artificial Perfect - a powerful electronic album with elements of Cabaret Voltaire, Nine Inch Nails, Motor, Aphex Twin and Front 242. It’s a fluent and cohesively atmospheric collection, opening with the massive, compulsive thrust of The Leather Sea, one of four tracks featuring Gary Numan on vocals. The single Healing is more openly informed by Fenton’s career as an underground techno DJ, while Recall and Slide Away are opulent, dynamically-produced songs that show off Numan’s alienated but soulful voice to striking effect. Fenton himself fronts the apocalyptic rock of Truth, along with the epic-sounding One Day and manic closer Machine. The album’s most introspective moment Everything Changes is one of two songs featuring Helen Tilley on vocals. The other, Burn, seduces with a starkly sensual, Bond-like opening before transforming into a psychotic and half-chanted chorus which is every bit as dark as anything on the album’s more overtly heavy tracks.

Ade Fenton remains an in-demand DJ with a schedule that has taken him across the globe, from Europe to North and South America; Malaysia to Australia. He continues to hold his 9 year residency at English techno superclub Atomic Jam and electrify audiences worldwide with his fierce DJ sets that fuse thunderous drums with electro and industrial elements, as exemplified by his recent Live At Maida Vale performance for BBC Radio 1. He is currently adding DJ dates to an Artificial Perfect world tour that will include sets in Brazil, the UK, South Africa, Colombia and Belgium. Fenton begins work on a new Gary Numan album in spring 2007.



ive seen all mine 
falling, fall down, do you know?
do you know?
obscene, i followed, ive seen some lies,
do you know? do you know?
sometimes i fall down, to you now, do you know?
sometime i feel, like i belong to you now, to you now.
and now sometimes, it feels like i lie to you now,
do you know? do you know?

i feel nothing,
i feel no pain,
you cant hurt me,
you cant touch me,
im not bleeding,
i am healing,
you will not steal,
my dignity

sometimes i fail, she protects me, she makes me feel humility,
she made me clean, she made me see, all i could be, my sanctuary,
sometimes i know, some whores kneel down, do you know?
do you know? sometimes im low, sometimes you fall, 
do you know? do you know?

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