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1995 Mar Absolution
Title: Absolution
Artist: Gary Numan

1. Absolution 4:35 
2. Magic (Trick Mix) 4:08 
3. Magic (Extended Edit) 6:29 

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 1994 Mar 
Format: CD
Record Label: NUMA 
Catalogue No: NUCD27 
Price Guide: 8.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (All Instruments, Vocals)
Mike Smith (Additional Keyboards on 'Prophecy', 'Dark', 'The Angel Wars', 'An Alien Cure', and 'Exile')
Rob Harris (Guitar on 'Innocence Bleeding', 'An Alien Cure', and 'Exile', Additional Guitar on 'Dead Heaven')

All tracks written, performed, engineered and mixed by Gary Numan
Assistant engineer: Gemma Webb

Recorded at Outland Studio, England
Mastered at Surrey Sound Studios, England
Mastering engineer: Simon Shazell
Re-mastered at Hatch Farms Studios by John Burns
Sleeve design: NuFederation
Cover and centre photograph: Joseph Cultice
Make-up: Kate Lee
Inside photography: Perou
Assistant to Mr Perou: Jerou
Logo treatment: Chris Poel
Logo tracing: Gemma Webb
Management: Tony Webb (Machine Music Ltd)



Absolution is another relatively innocent song, a statement about love that evokes death and sacrifice, a common enough theme, and one Numan explores elsewhere, accompanied here by a languid beat and bell-like chords. Absolution failed to hit the UK chart.


(1995 single, also on 1997 album 'Exile')

I would swim across oceans
Just to talk with you
I would climb a tall mountain
Just to look at you
I'd give my soul to the devil
If you asked me to
I would walk out of heaven
Just to be with you

This is absolute
This is absolution

I would be your disciple
And I'd worship you
Burn the prophets of reason
Light the sky for you
Kill the children of Eden
If you want me to
Close the dead eyes of God
If they offended you

This is absolute
This is absolution... 

('Sacrifice' album, 1994)

When I sleep
I slide into
Some heaven
But no-one is there

If I believed
If I should wonder
IF I forgive
Then would you come for me?

When I sleep
I hear sad words
Songs of God
That show me 'The lie'

'I'll keep you safe
I'll keep you warm and
I'll keep you here
Alone forever'

And I believe in faith and magic
And I believe in love and wonder
And I'll believe in you when you come for me
And I'll believe in you when the world comes apar





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