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1988 Nov America
Title: America
Artist: Gary Numan

1. America 3:00 
2. Respect (Live '88) 4:22 
3. New Anger (Live '88) 3:24 
4. Call Out The Dogs (Live) 3:58 

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 1988 Nov 
Format: CD
Record Label: Illegal Records
Catalogue No: ILSCD 1004
Price Guide: 10.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 49
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming)
Keith Beauvais (Guitar)
Ian Herron (Percussion)
Mike Smith (Keyboards)
Tessa Niles (Vocals)
Andy Coughlan (Bass)
Dick Morrisey (Saxophone)
Peter Haycock (Guitar, Slide Guitar)
RRussell Bell (Guitar)
Martin Elliott (Bass)
Chris Payne (Violin)

Recorded at Black Barn Studios, Studio House, The Factory, Rock City Sound Studios

Engineered by Ted Miller, Ray Hedges, Tim Summerhayes
Assisted by Julie Gibson

Mixed at Popps Farm by Nick Smith, Ben Fenner, Assisted by Robin Black



America was to be the final single from Metal Rhythm America was remixed for the single version and appeared on all four formats. With no promo video and just one TV appearance to promote the record, it was perhaps not surprising that this Catchy and well produced song filed to break the top 40. America got to No 49 in the UK charts.


(1988, single from "Metal Rhythm" album)

I'm in a car
And I'm over you
I'm a passenger
And I'm over you

I'm looking for America
I'm looking for you

I'm in a glasshouse
And I'm over you
I'm thin, far too thin
And I'm over you

I'm in a corner
And I'm over you
I'm old, far too old
And I'm over you 

('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988)

That's OK
If that's the way you want to play it
I don't mind
I can play it any way

You won't stop
Until I pull you to pieces
Which I will in time
But I'm still curious

You're so young
Not one backbone between you
But you think you'll make a hero
Quite peculiar

You're just boys
You don't know what you've angered
Did you know you're talking to the heart
Of the machine

Welcome boys
Welcome to the real world
I could almost feel sorry
But I could be wrong

I know you
I know what you've been doing
I know where you live
And I know where you are

You know me
I'm the smiling assassin
You know I won't forgive
And you know I won't forget

New Anger 
(Single from 'Metal Rhythm' album, 1988)

I've read the papers
Look at this
They say that I'm all over
I don't know
They're not the first to try
So try again

What's the fashion?
Is it good?
I'll need some convincing
If you've got it
Then I've seen it before
So try again

Welcome to new anger
Do you want it?
Do you want it?
Welcome to new anger

I don't need it
I can stop
I can take this or leave it
You can have it
But if you want it from me
Then come and try

I've been bad
I've been good
I've been one more hero
I've been up
And I've been lower than you
So come and try

If you want it
Come and get it 

Call Out The Dogs 
(Single from 'The Fury' album, 1985)

Here am I like a target in flesh
One more time for you to call out the dogs
Passengers with a ticket to burn and burn
I'm burnt out they won't leave me alone, alone

Talk flash, you left a taste in my mouth
You will learn
I'm still waiting for you, you know, you know

I'm a slogan, an old story, a disease
Never again
I don't like this new anger
These young boys just make me laugh
This picture I'm so nervous
The DJ says 'Who are you?'
Look at me, I'm shaking
I don't know if I can move

Like down, like down

I don't need
This attention again
I've lost time
I could lose everything
I told you this is all just show, you know, you know

Talk flash doesn't win you a prize
You will learn
That you've nowhere to go, so go, so go

I'm a slogan, an old story, a disease
Never again
I don't like this new anger
These young boys just make me laugh
This picture I'm so nervous
The DJ says 'Who are you?'
Look at me, I'm shaking
I don't know if I can move

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