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1979 Nov Complex
Title: Complex
Artist: Gary Numan 
Tracklisting:  1. Complex 3:09
2. Bombers (Live '79) 5:48
3. Me, I Disconnect From You (Live '79) 3:05
How old: This Single is old!
Release Date: Nov 1979
Format: 12"  
Record Label: Beggars Banquet/AVES Records
Catalogue No: INT 126.503
Price Guide: 8.00
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 6
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Keyboards, Synthetic Percussion)
Paul Gardiner (Bass)
Christopher Payne (Keyboards, Viola)
Cedric Sharpley (Drums, Percussion)

Produced by Gary Numan

Engineered and Mixed by Rikki Sylvan and Harvey Webb

Recorded at Marcus Music AB, London



Complex swiftly followed the hugely successful "Cars". Taken from the album "The Pleasure Principle", it was an electronic ballad with a heavily synthesized, surreal sound it was way ahead of its time and would not sound out of place among today's electronic music offerings. Also the Radio 1 show Roundtable reviewed it as the very first electronic ballad in the history of pop music, Complex reached No 6 in the UK charts a little disappointing after such good reviews. It was also promoted with a stunning video, which used animated graphics for the first time yet another example of Gary's clever use of modern technology. 


(Single from 'The Pleasure Principle' album, 1979)

They won't come back
You know it's always the same
And they're sure to forget
Saying, 'Everyone lies'

So I'm down to this
I'm down to walking on air
And you're here by my side
With all your waving and smiles

Please keep them away
Don't let them touch me
Please don't let them lie
Don't let them see me

(Single, 1978)

Look up I hear the scream of sirens on the wall
I see a policeman crying in the back seat of a dying ford
Hotel waiters leave the bedrooms of stars who are far too old
And no-one ever told me that I could be so cold

Bombers flight at zero
Feet, feet
Bombers flight at zero

I see an old man knocked to the ground and beaten by the vicar's wife
And no-one stops to help they're far too busy tring to save their own lives
A tiny girl screams for mother and wanders out into the street
I saw her go down underneath a thousand people's running feet

Bombers flight at zero
Feet, feet
Bombers flight at zero

All the junkies pulling needles from their arms and hope it lasts the night
All the soldiers curse the day they joined the army and prepare to fight
In silent bars, in silent rooms, in silent cars, you hide where you can
And me I know just where you are, you see, I'm a bomber man

Bombers flight at zero
Feet, feet
Bombers flight at zero 

Me, I Disconnect From You 
('Replicas' album, 1979)

The alarm rang for days
You could tell from conversations
I was waiting by the screen
I couldn't recognise my photograph
Me, I disconnect from you

I was walking up the stairs
Something moved in silence
I could feel his mind decaying
Only inches away from me
And I disconnect from you

Please don't turn me off
I don't know what I'm doing outside
Me and the telephone that never rings
If you were me what would you do?
Me, I disconnect from you

(Added regularly to live version) - I would be a falling star... 

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