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2003 Jun Crazier
Title: Crazier - The Glide
Artist: Gary Numan vs Rico

1. Crazier (Acoustic Glide Mix) 3:26 
2. Ancients (Earlier Version) 6:22 
4. A Prayer For The Unborn (ARTE Live TV Mix) 5:29 
5. A Prayer For The Unborn (ARTE Live TV Footage) 5:14 

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2003 Jun
Format: CD
Record Label: Artful Records 
Catalogue No: JHCDS6
Price Guide: 5.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 13
Full Artist List: --- 



Crazier CD3 --- The third and final version of the single began with an entertainingly different 'Acoustic Glide Mix' of 'Crazier'. Although once again this version lacked the "up front" anthemic sound of the Steve Osbourne remix, it did manage to successfully deliver a very different take on the single and with its acoustic strumming and string arangement allowed the song to drift off into an almost Nine Inch Nails-esque sound almost mirroring some of the moments from the bands' two latest offerings 'And All That Could Have Been' and 'Still'...the almost "unplugged" sound here being pulled off rather successfully. Following this was an earlier version of 'Ancients' which , despite lacking the polished finish of the 'Hybrid' album version, did show an interesting insight into the raw ideas and process on the way towards the eventual outcome. The final track was the 'Arte Live TV Mix' of 'A Prayer For The Unborn' which was also included as live footage on the disk and was recorded before the same audience as 'Crazier' on CD2. 

Overall a highly successful and thoroughly entertaining package. 



The more I take a look inside, the more I'm fried
The more I understand the ride, the more I slide 
The more you put me back in line, the more I tried
The more you looked into my eyes, the more you lied

I come back crazier, but feel much better
You come back crazier, you'll feel better

The more I disregard the signs, the more I fly
The more I walk across the lines, the more I glide

You come back crazier, but feel much better
You come back crazier, you'll feel better

You come back crazier, but feel much better
You come back crazier, you'll feel better


Some can shine
Some can fly
Some are glorious
Some are ancient

Some are wise
Some are strong
Some are everything
You could dream of

Some are clouds
Some are rain
Float like angel wings
On the ocean

Some can sing
Songs of gods
Words so beautiful
They fall like raindrops

But none are like me
All I know is you're not with me
Like me

Some will cry
Cry for you
Take your pain away
While you're sleeping

Some will die
In your name
Give their soul to you
For safe keeping

A Prayer For The Unborn

So, I prayed
But you weren't listening
Making miracles? 

So, I begged
But you were far away
Saving souls perhaps? 

So, I screamed
But she was very small
And you have worlds to mend 

So, she died
And you were glorious
But you were somewhere else 

If you are my Shepherd
Then I'm lost and no-one can find me
If you are my Saviour
Then I'm dead and no-one can help me
If you are my Glory
Then I'm sick and no-one can cure me
If you light my darkness
Then I'm blind and no-one can see me 

If you are my Father
Then love lies abandoned and bleeding
If you are my comfort
Then nightmares are real and deceiving
If you are my answer
Then I must have asked the wrong question
I'd spit on your heaven
If I could find one to believe in

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