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1989 Jul Peel Sessions
Title: Peel Sessions
Artist: Gary Numan

1. Cars 3:15 
2. Airlane 3:20 
3. Films 2:55
4. Conversation 6:45 
5. Me, I Disconnect From You 3:07 
6. Down In The Park 4:19 
7. I Nearly Married A Human (2) 6:36 

How old: This Single is old!
Release Date: 1989 Jun
Format: 12" 
Record Label: Strange Fruit Records
Catalogue No: SFPMA202
Price Guide: 6.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List:

Two studio live sessions

Tracks 1 to 4:

Gary Numan (Vocals)
Chris Payne (Keyboards)
Cedric Sharpley (Drums)
Billy Currie (Keyboards)
Paul Gardiner (Bass)

Produced by Tony Wilson
Recorded 25th May 1979

Tracks 5 to 7:

Gary Numan (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals)
Paul Gardiner (Bass)
Jess Lidyard (Drums)

Produced by Bob Sargeant
Recorded 10th Jan 1979





Peel Sessions recorded by Gary Numan as Tubeway Army - both recorded in 1979 and produced by Tony Wilson. This was prime era Gary Numan - he had perfected the Gary Numan beat - and would soon have a huge hit with Cars (included here in a more stripped down version). What we get here is basically a live Gary Numan album without any crowd noises - essentially a recorded document of his best stuff. Also included is what was to followup Cars and perhaps had hopes of being just as huge, Conversation (track 4): this is the real find, it also gets an extended treatment at almost 7 minutes. Other great tracks (there are no bad ones) are Airlane, Films, Me! I Disconnect from You, Down in the Park and I Nearly Married a Human.


(Single from 'The Pleasure Principle' album, 1979.)

Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
I't's the only way to live
In cars

Here in my car
I can only receive
I can listen to you
It keeps me stable for days
In cars

Here in my car
Where the image breaks down
Will you visit me, please
If I open my door
In cars

Here in my car
I know I've started to think
About leaving tonight
Although nothing seems right
In cars 

(1979 - "The Pleasure Principle" album) 


('The Pleasure Principle' album, 1979)

I don't like the film
I don't like the film
Play it all back
Play it all back

And I don't like the scenery
And I don't like the set, so
Pull it all down
Pull it all down

But I like the actors
And I like the show

We're so exposed
We're so exposed
Anything can happen
Anything can happen

Don't let them see
Don't let them know
And you wonder why
And you wonder why

Turn off the lights
Turn off the sound 

('The Pleasure Principle' album, 1979)

Oh it's so easy
When parts take over
My conversation
Is nothing more than lies

You're just the viewer
So cold and distant
I've no intentions
Of saying 'I love you'

My conversation

We are not gods
We are not men
We are not making claims
We are only boys

You are not strong
You are not force
You are not regular
You are just wrong

There are no faces
This is my complex
You are my picture
I call you mirrors

These are not my tears
Not my reflection
Am I a photo?
I can't remember

My conversation

Me, I Disconnect From You 
('Replicas' album, 1979)

The alarm rang for days
You could tell from conversations
I was waiting by the screen
I couldn't recognise my photograph
Me, I disconnect from you

I was walking up the stairs
Something moved in silence
I could feel his mind decaying
Only inches away from me
And I disconnect from you

Please don't turn me off
I don't know what I'm doing outside
Me and the telephone that never rings
If you were me what would you do?
Me, I disconnect from you

(Added regularly to live version) - I would be a falling star...

Down In The Park 
(Single from 'Replicas' album, 1979)

Down in the park
Where the machmen
Meet the machines
And play 'Kill by numbers'
Down in the park
Wit a friend called 'Five'

I was in a car crash
Or was it the war
But I've never been
Quite the same
Little white lies
Like 'I was there'

Come to 'Zom Zoms'
A place to eat
Like it was built
In one day
You can watch the humans
Trying to run

Oh look
There's a rape machine
I'd go outside
If he'd look the other way
You wouldn't believe
The things they do

Down in the park
Where the chant is
'Death, death, death'
Until the sun cries morning
Down in the park
With friends of mine

We are not lovers
We are not romantics
'We are here to serve you'
A different face
But the words never change

I Nearly Married A Human (1 & 2) 
('Replicas' album, 1979 - part 2 was bonus track on 12" version of 'Down In The Park')


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