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1985 Mar Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Vol 3
Title: Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Vol 3
Artist: Gary Numan

1. The Monday Troop 3:00 
2. Crime Of Passion 3:38 
3. The Life Machine 1:55 
4. A Game Called Echo 5:10 
5. Random 3:50 
6. Oceans 3:02 

How old: This Single is old!
Release Date: 1985 Mar 
Format: 12"  (Blue vinyl)
Record Label: Beggars Banquet 
Catalogue No: BEG 124E
Price Guide: 9.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 0
Full Artist List: --



Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Volume One. This is the EP as the one released in March 1983, except
for it now being on yellow vinyl.


The Monday Troop 
(Recorded 1978, released 1985 0n 1978 / 1979 Volume 3 EP)

Final bow
In a disused music hall
Of laughter and mime

The airwave police
Were the only admirers
To admire

Sliding sideways in a rusty old ford
The driver's broken down
And the old girl screams

Walking through wrong dreams
Tall stories
Mobile TV
Nobody came

The station is abandoned
You search here for peace day

Some old man said
'Just do your best'
And I think passed away

And my shadow is never far behind
And I must find
Another role to play
Visit maskmaker
Please bend my mind
Someone. No-one
I really don't mind
Nobody cares 

Crime of Passion 
(Recorded in 1978, originally released on '1978 / 1979 - Vol.3' EP in 1985)

Streetcar is rusting
The tracks are all gone
And you're far too trusting
But I won't take long
Old friends of someone lie dead in the street
The backscene director knows just who I mean

No visions of my life
Will flash past my eyes
I've waited thousands of yeras for this prize
Someone is calling
But who's left alive?
Just me and you, dear
Please show some surprise
I've always been this way
Please believe me

Yellowed newspapers drift past empty cabs
Dead hotel bellboys dream of old men they've had
Ex junkies in my house are all blue and green
Please don't cry, I love you, I'm not what I seem

Isn't it lovely
It's just you and me
I've never felt so haappy to be here
Look through my window
At the hole in my wall
Straight into my head there's nobody at all

Do you think you can love me?
I am no-one

If you were the only girl in the world
And I was the only boy 

The Life Machine 

Me I've just died
But some machine keeps on humming
I'm just an extra piece
Of dead meat to keep running
Why won't you let me die in peace
Why won't you let me die with
Some kind of honour
Why won't you let me die at all
I know
You've got your principles

My body lies immobile
I left it days ago
And me I watch from somewhere
As the loved ones come and go
I see them glancing at the switch
I hear them whispering
'Maybe it's better that way'
I see the love turn into feelings
I know
Aren't quite the same

I see the men of learning
Pacing to and fro
But how can I expect
The sane to ever know
I'd rather die than have no mind
I know my brain is gone
'Damage beyond repair'
I see an empty shell below me
I know
I've had my time

A Game Called Echo 
(1980 - "Telekon" sessions. Released originally on '1978 / 1979 vol.3' EP in 1985) 

Here we play games
Like turning men into boys
And everyone must cry or lose

Recall 'my Circuit'
Recall 'I'm not, you are'
Remember that I moved too soon

Corridor empty
Time to call in the stars
A game called echo

Now I ask questions
I get so nervous of
A game called echo

We re-name vehicles
You re-name heroes
I switch to auto

You are reception
I can take it or leave
Do I need permission to stop?

(1979 Vol 2 EP, recorded 1979 at pleasure Principle sessions)


('1979 Vol2 EP, Recorded at Pleasure Principle Sessions, released 1985)


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