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1981 Aug She's Got Claws
Title: She's Got Claws
Artist: Gary Numan 
Tracklisting: 1. She's Got Claws 4:55 
2. I Sing Rain 2:26 
Release Date: Aug 1980
Formats: 7"
Record Label: Atlantic 
Catalogue No: P-1573A
Price Guide: 8.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 6
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Odyssey, Roland JP4, Piano, CR78, Prophet 5)
Cedric Sharpley (drums)
Christopher Payne (Violas)
Mick Karn (Bass, Saxophone)
John Webb ( handclaps)

Produced by Gary Numan
Engineered by Nick Smith
Assisted by Sean Lynch, Juliet Bowen
Mastered by Steve Rooke, Strawberry Mastering, London.



One of Gary's many unusual choices of single coming from the reappraised album "Dance". To be fair,Dance is probably now thaught of as a lost classic amongst Numan fans,but there are not too many tracks off of it that you would choose as single material,because it works better as an album as a whole.That said,She's Got Claws is as good a track to cull from it as any.It starts off with an analogue synth not too disimilar to the intro to "Cars" coming to a crescendo with a Numan "whhooaaah".Then we get the fantastic rolling bass of Mick Karn nicely intertwined with the tight drumming from stalwart Ced Sharpley.All this is accompanied by the "eastern" sounding viola and sax playing by Chris Payne and Mick Karn again respectively.

Lyrically it's one of Gary's finest moments on the frailties of the human condition when it comes to relationships.I guess everyone has had times of betrayal and let downs,but when you're in the public eye as Gary was in 1981,those situations are likely to get magnified by the gold diggers and the glory hunters.One of the ways to unburden yourself of these feelings,is to spit out the lyrics in songs such as She's Got Claws."You say you love me,I don't believe you","Here on the ground like some whore","You'll just suck in the boys"and the title of the track itself,are all prime examples of what Gary Numan was going through this time in his life.

All in all a good Numan single from an unusual stage in his career.


She's Got Claws 
(Single from 'Dance' album, 1981)

You are distraction
Like pictures on the wall
I don't like eyes

You are attraction
It gets to be routine
You're up, I'm down

She's got claws
But the factory knows
We're dreams in cold storage
We could dance the night away

You say you love me
Maybe you do
A patience I can't steal
I don't believe you
You said 'Straight'
It's like giving up hope

Here on the ground
On the floor
Screaming nothing at all
Here on the ground
Like some whore
Looking down on you all
Too much advice
I'm not sure

Laughing hyaenas
With pens for charm
You'll just suck in the boys
We have to leave soon
Shudder. 'The Door'
This house is far too cool

She's got claws
But the factory knows
We're dreams in cold storage
We could dance the night away 

I Sing Rain 
(B-Side, 'She's Got Claws' single, 1981)

Oh - ho
Like rain and I say

Whoa - whoa - whoa
Like rain you are
Like rain

Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain
I sing 'rain'

But I've never been down before

Rain rain rain rain rain


(B-side 12" 'She's got Claws' single, 1981)

Applicant, I am
Clean young flesh
Cubicles, we merge
And me so decent

Lock up my vehicle
Crack my walls
I'm stealing your words
And me so honest

Someone took pictures
Just look at her go
Her presence exhausting me
Like spectators we are

I have no address
Who are you
Kiss my arse goodbye
The show grows rusty

Simulate phone call
Face to face
Newspaper loose talk
You wreck my dreams

Exhibit 'A' God
So few of us left
Exhibit 'B'God
The problems of death

Old sex, unclean
Do you need the moon?
Recall no names
Don't ask 'How are you?'

Where's my attendant?
And where is my wife?
Wait in the doorway
While I say goodnight

He looks like me

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