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1978 Feb That's Too Bad
Title: That's Too Bad
Artist: Tubeway Army 
Tracklisting:  1. That's Too Bad 3:20 
2. Oh! Didn't I Say  2:15
How old: This Single is old!
Release Date: Feb  1978
Format: 7"  
Record Label: Beggars Banquet
Catalogue No: BEG 5
Price Guide: £10.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted (4000 issued)
Highest Chart Position: 0
Full Artist List: Valerian (Gary Numan) - Vocals, Guitar
Scarlett (Paul Gardiner) - Bass
Rael (Bob Simmonds) - Drums | Jess Lidyard actually played the drums on this single.

Produced By - Gary Numan
Recording Studio - Spaceward
Photography By -Mike Stone

7" in-store display 



Gary’s parents paid for the band to do three demo songs, one of which was That's Too Bad recorded at the cheapest studio Gary could find, Spaceward in Cambridge, on 16th October 1977. But Gary mistakenly thought a record contract would materialise, after being turned down by numerous record labels Paul Gardiner wandered into a record shop in Ealing Beggars Banquet to trade in some old albums he mentioned the fact he was in a band and was having problems getting a record contract, the man behind the counter was Steve Webbon told Paul that the owners had just started their own small record label and Paul should give them a tape. After many weeks of Paul badgering them the owners Martin Mills and Nick Austin finally listened to the tape. Martin Mills liked That's Too Bad but he still wanted to see them play live. A gig was setup at the Vortex. After seeing them play Beggars offered them a contract. After a couple lineup shuffles, Tubeway Army -- Gary Numan (aka Valeriun), Paul Gardiner (aka Scarlet), and Numan's uncle Jess Lidyard (aka Rael) -- debuted in February of 1978 with "That's Too Bad" on Beggars Banquet, a furious fusion of punk and pop. During a studio session a few months later, Numan began fiddling with a minimoog synthesizer that remained from another band's recording stint. Instantly falling in love with the instrument's capabilities, he decided that he would use synths to achieve the sounds he heard in his imagination. Though he fought the temptation to associate synths with prog rock, he felt they would help distance the band from the limitations of punk. Numan and his mates were influenced by Bowie and T. Rex as much as JG Ballard and William Burroughs (as well as being inspired later on by contemporaries Ultravox and the Human League), so the band's extraction from punk wasn't surprising at all. 


That's Too Bad 
(Gary's first ever single, 1978)

I look up and the camera eye is
Searching my room
The TV screen is calling me
But for what or whom?
Please, mister, do be careful
I'm so frgile
Maybe they'll let me down to
Speedy's place for a while

Oh, well that's too bad

I talk a lot, a sign of fear
I thought you should know
I can see pictures of me
Well they're so-so
I'll come on to the leader
Like I'm some hero
He'll laugh and raise his dying eyes
And then tell me to go

Oh, well that's too bad

1920 flashbacks
For an hour or more
Of crazy actors hiding
In the doorways top floor
Machines scream in anger
From a thousand dead ends
I turn my face, I crawl away
I look for a friend

Oh, well that's too bad 

Oh! Didn't I Say 
(B-side, 'That's Too Bad' single, 1978)

Faces staring through my window
I can play a boy you might know
Standing cold and old I'm insane
Is uncertain just like my name

The lemon kid is my friend
But even he don't know me well
That's too bad
Oh well the waiter is an old man
Who looks at me so sly and strange
What's on his mind?

Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you

From a doorway says 'You got time?'
'Not tonight if you don't mind'
Oh no
My fear of streets I cower
My room is home for hours

You can stay if you know your lines
But please take care I'll suck your mind
You'll never guess
And you can never know me
I'll change if I begin to feel
'What's your name?'
Zero hero says I'm no-one
He could be right but who's to know?
Uh, man from the sky...
Oh well I'm growing tired of this place
I think it's time to change my face
You can't even try

Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you
Oh didn't I say I'm not one of you 

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