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1995 May Dark Light - The Live EP
Title: Dark Light - The Live EP
Artist: Gary Numan

1. Bleed 6:03 
2. Everyday I Die 4:27 
3. The Dream Police 4:45 
4. Listen To The Sirens 3:11 

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 1995 May 
Format: CD
Record Label: NUMA 
Catalogue No: NUCD28
Price Guide: 6.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted All tracks from Dark Light LP
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: Gary Numan (Vocals, Guitar)
John Webb (Keyboards)
Ade Orange (Keyboards, Bass, Vocals)
Kipper (Guitar, Vocals)
Richard Beasley (Drums)

Recorded at Labatts Hammersmith Apollo on November 5, 1994 although the date is listed as November 12, 1994
using the Fleetwood Mobile.

Mixed by Gary Numan at Outland Studios, England
Produced by Gary Numan
Distributed by Pinnacle Records
Cover photograph by Scott Simon
Sleeve design by NuFederation



These recording are taken from the live album Dark Light Tracks: Bleed / Everyday I Die / The Dream Police / Listen To The Sirens, Dark Light - The Live EP failed to hit the UK chart.


('Sacrifice' album, 1994) 

Someone is talking
But it's not conversation
Sounds more like a voice in my head
It says,
'I live in Nightmares,
I'm the new God of panic
And I'm waiting for you to come home to me' 

'So boy, welcome to sleep,
I'm gonna make you, make you, make you bleed' 

I could be dreaming
But then maybe that's fatal
There's nowhere to hide in your dreams
I'm so uneasy
I'm shaking and nervous
I'm alone in my room and I'm scared of it 

So don't let me sleep
It's gonna make me, make me, make me bleed 

My mother told me
'Don't believe in ghost stories
There's nothing to hurt you in here'
But she was wrong
And now it's come back to haunt me
It says it won't leave me alive for long 

I don't want to sleep
It's gonna make me, make me, make me bleed

Every Day I Die
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978) 

The problems of need
I need you
Obscene dreams in
Rusty beds
No-one came here
I pulled on me
I need to 

I unstick pages and read
I look at pictures of you
I smell the lust in my hand
Everyday I die 

Her favourite trick was to Suck me inside
Oh so very art nouveau
Completely false feelings of love. I don't
No-one knows but that died years ago

The Dream Police
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978) 

The dream police
Slogan: - 'What is on your mind?'
The airwave boys
Junkies won't get radio time
The purist league
White trenchcoats in pre-war style
The ageing queens
'Mister, won't you stay a while' 

In death row with Harlow
And others like you
I point my finger of hate
At your picture an love you and love you
The radio is talking
Is it you or me
I must admit
It's far too late to dial police 

What is your name
We are at the end of the line
Her eyes went out
Dreaming 'overdose on time'
Hey you old grey eyes
Don't practice dying for real
The only one
September she knows I can feel

Listen To The Sirens
('Tubeway Army' album, 1978) 

Flow my tears
The new police song
The slogan of peace is:
'You must live'
They've got me and I'm one of them 

Cancel - 'silence'
They screamed for days
'We've been here before
We won't stay'
They can die
They can just turn off 

Some vehicle moves in circles
Some people need the heroes
But I don't mind
I don't mind 

Please listen to the sirens
We don't wish to be your friends
Please listen to the sirens
We won't ever call again 

Mister Webb
There is no way out
Love this room
Please don't fight your walls
Can you see I'm wasting your time? 

A streetcar's rusting unseen
Music hall's empty like me
But I don't care
I don't care 

Please listen to the sirens
We don't wish to be your friends
Please listen to the sirens
We won't ever call again 

If I could stay here for now
With someone just a bit like you
'Oh no'
Maybe I would dream again
Of someone just a bit like you
'S'pose so' 

Station boys
Keep their hands on steel
Tubeway days now seem
Quite unreal
It's alway so close but
Never quite arrives 

My vision's like an old film. Shaky
There's nothing through my window. OK
No photo by my bedside. Black / white
No image in my mirror. Bye bye





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