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1986 Oct Strange Charm
Title: Strange Charm
Artist: Gary Numan

My Breathing
Unknown And Hostile
The Sleeproom
New Thing From London Town
I Canít Stop
Strange Charm
The Need
This Is Love

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 1986 Oct
Format: CD
Record Label: Numa 
Catalogue No: CDNUMA 1005
Price Guide: £15.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 59
Full Artist List:

Gary Numan (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar)
Ade Orange (Guitars, Keyboards)
Chris Payne (Violin)
Tessa Niles (Vocal)
Mike Smith (Keyboards)
Ian Herron (Drum Programming)
Dick Morrissy (Saxophone)
RRussell Bell (Guitars, Vocals)
Bill Sharpe (Keyboards) 
Roger Odelle (Drum Programming) 
Mark Railton (Lead Guitar) 
Linda Taylor (Vocals) 
Jess Lidyard (Percussion) 
Martin Elliott (Bass)

Produced by Gary Numan, Ade Orange and The Wave team

Engineered by Tim Summerhayes

Recorded at Rock City Sound Studios, Shepperton


NUMAC 1005 

Also Available On
LP UK Numa NUMA 1005 (Oct 1986)
CA UK Numa NUMAC 1005 (Oct 1986)
CD UK Numa CDNUMA 1005 (Oct 1986)
CD UK Numa NUMACDX 1005 (Dec 1996)
CD UK Eagle EAMCD074 (1999)
CD US Cleopatra CLP0534-2 (1999)



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CLICK HERE 1986 Apr This Is Love 7"/12"

3:12 This Is Love (Edit) 5:02 Survival 7" UK Numa NU16 7" UK Numa NUP16 (Picture Disc) 4:30 This Is Love 5:02 Survival  12" UK Numa NUM16 12" UK Numa NUMP16 (Picture Disc)

1986 Apr This Is Love 7" (Picture Disc)
CLICK HERE 1986 Jun I Can't Stop 7"/10"/12"

3:25 I Can't Stop (Edit) 4:42 Faces 7" UK Numa NU17 7" UK Numa NUP17 (Aeroplane Shaped Picture Disc) 6:32 I Can't Stop (Club Mix) 4:42 Faces  10" UK Numa NUDJ17 6:58 I Can't Stop (Extended Mix) 4:42 Faces  12" UK Numa NUM17 5:50 I Can't Stop (Picture Mix) 4:42 Faces 12" UK Numa NUMP17 (Picture Disc)


1986 Jun I Can't Stop 7" (Aeroplane Shaped Picture Disc)


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CLICK HERE 1986 Sep New Thing From London Town 7"/12"

3:30 New Thing From London Town (Edit) 3:00 Time To Die (Edit) 7" UK Numa NU19 7" UK Numa NUP19 (Picture Disc) 8:00 New Thing From London Town (Extended) 4:10 Time To Die 12" UK Numa NUM19 12" UK Numa NUMP19 (Picture Disc)


The digitally remastered version of the Strange Charm album, including the extra tracks, was first made available by Eagle Records in The Numa Years Box Set.

The original album was released by Gary Numans own record label, Numa Records, in 1986.

The digitally remastered version has new artwork, and the extensive sleeve notes that first appeared in The Numa Years.


This album came at an awkward time indeed for Mr Numan. Radio support was gone. Slating press revues made a turn for the even worse: non existent. It seemed the whole media world was on a mission to erase him. No wonder Numan was well and truely out of fashion with everyone who either blindly followed what they read in the music weeklys, or who's ears couldn't reach past the (then at least) narrow tastebuds of daytime radio. Dark days and a real test of faith for the Numanoids. 
On Strange Charm, Numan tackles a few of these issues head on and when he does, boy does it work. My Breathing has irresistible airy eastern atmospheric effects over a situation in which he describes he will "pick up the pieces" after the "assassination by the radio". "I can't stop for all your stories" he states on the soaring chorus of I can't stop. Fighting stuff and the power is transfered straight to the listener. He really bears his heart over the industrial minimalism of The Sleeproom, "this isn't evil,this is a sound", "this is uncertain,this is unsound...". Really haunting. As is the bonus ballad, Time to die, where he takes a glimpse at a possibly bleak future and references what it would be like with no more concerts or recordings: "no Exhibition, no screaming War Song, no Conversation, no more opinions here". But unfortunatly these are among the few of the albums highlights. 
Elsewhere the struggle is all too evidently eating away at the creative juices. The all out attack of Unknown and Hostile is oversmothered by sax and girl vocals. I can't stop is overstretched into it's 5 min version and oversells its girl vocal at the price of the original single issues impact. He even forsakes a Numan principle by borrowing the Sharpe and Numan single New thing from London town, although it's disco throb has its merits, it sounds just a tad out of place. As for The Need, this really is the pits of bad disco/funk, not a thing to recommend here, the overbearing girl vocals and pointless sax say it all. The meshing of synths and rock guitars works for the title track Strange Charm, but is marred by its sameiness to other songs. By the time we reach the pretty piano based ballad, This is love, it's all been such hard work its hard to take it all in. 
At least the 5 spine tingling bonus tracks here offer a breath of fresh air at the end and vindicate just what we all see in this man. 
This is a piece of Numan history that was overshadowed by doubt, dwindling faith and preconceptions. How it sounds now to fresh ears I will never know. Probably more Strange than Charm.

Reviewer: Amazon.co.uk (Customer Review) 

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