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2004 Dec  Tubeway Army
Title: Tubeway Army
Artist: Tubeway Army
Tracklisting:  1. Listen To The Sirens 3:06
2. My Shadow In Vain 2:59
3. The Life Machine 2:45
4. Friends 2:30
5. Something's In The House 4:14
6. Every Day I Die 2:23
7. Steel And You 4:44
8. My Love Is A Liquid 3:33
9. Are You Real? 3:24
10. The Dream Police 3:38
11. Jo The Waiter 2:40
12. Zero Bars (Mr. Smith) 3:12

LIVING ORNAMENTS '78 - Live At The Roxy
13. Positive Thinking 2:56
14. Boys 2:13
15. Blue Eyes 2:03
16. You Don't Know Me 2:28
17. My Shadow In Vain 4:13
18. Me My Head 4:10
19. That's Too Bad 3:26
20. Basic J 3:03
21. Do Your Best 2:40
22. Oh! Didn't I Say 2:31
23. I'm A Poseur 2:30
24. White Light / White Heat 2:49
25. Kill St. Joy 3:47
How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2004 Dec 
Format: CD 
Record Label: Beggars Banquet/Imperial
Catalogue No: TECI-24259
Price Guide: £35.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted Japanese mini-LP style card sleeve CD
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: --- 



  Musically, as well as the 12 tracks from the original album this mini LP sleeve edition CD also includes the ‘Living Ornaments 78′ live recording, so is basically as per the UK 1998 20th anniversary CD issue – though the only reference to this extra is in the Japanese booklet. It comes in a gatefold card sleeve featuring the original 1978 ‘blue’ design. This edition also contains an additional black and white Japanese text-only info and lyric booklet (8 pages), plus an extra record company contact card and of course the outer ‘obi’ band. (It’s worth noting that each of the ‘obi’ bands are different on each release as they display the other three releases in the series on the reverse.) The label design is a red Beggars Banquet style of the period.

 Obviously, it is just credited to Tubeway Army, rather than also making mention of Gary Numan (except on the credits of course), which much later pressings (I’m thinking the Fame issue vinyl LP here) did as part of the album title.

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