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2000 Jan Tubeway Navy
Title: Tubeway Navy
Artist: Reload 

01. Me, I Disconnect From You3:01
02. Bombers 3:56
03. Check It 3:01
04. Are 'Friends' Electric? 4:35
05. We Are So Fragile 2:56
06. Down In The Park 4:57
07. Listen To The Sirens 3:01
08. My Shadow In Vain 3:22
09. Critics 1:48
10. Metal 3:08

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2000 Jan 
Format: CD 
Record Label: --- 
Catalogue No: ---
Price Guide: 25.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted This is a "Tribute To Gary Numan's Tubeway Army". www.myspace.com/reload3 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: By Reload (Brian Applegate)



I first heard of Gary Numan in 1980 as a 10 year old boy growing up in San Diego. "Cars" made it's way onto the radio and TV and I was blown away. Fast forward 10 years and I rediscovered Numan while shopping for records and bought "The Pleasure Principle". I was hooked! Next I bought "Replicas" and "Tubeway Army" and realized that his early work was very different from the synthesizer oriented later albums. Needless to say, I preferred the Tubeway Army stuff over albums such as "Telekon" and the albums that followed.

I bought my first synthesizer when I was 22 and immediately learned to play by listening to Numan's albums. By the time I moved to Portland Oregon and set up a basement recording studio I had figured out how to create (and recreate) songs the way I felt they should sound. I recorded a version of 'Critics" which I felt was very good and that cover landed me an opening slot at Gary's show at Berbati's Pan here in Portland in 1998. After that I made a version of "Bombers" and that too came out well. Since I was more interested in his early albums, I decided to make an entire album of Numan covers from those albums pre Pleasure Principle era (with the exception of 'Metal', which was always one of my favorites). The end result came out quite nice and instead of naming the album after one of his songs or lyrics, I came up with a twist and decided to call it Tubeway NAVY, as I thought that was funny. Me and some friends then re-created the "Replicas" album cover through photos taken at my house to the best of our ability and renamed "The Park" to "The Dumps" as again, putting my own twist on an all too familiar classic. Over the next two years I made tribute albums to two of my favorite other bands (Devo and The Ramones) but the Tubeway Navy one will always be my favorite

Brian Applegate





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