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2016 Tubeway Daze: The Untold Story Of Tubeway Army 
Title: Tubeway Daze: The Untold Story Of Tubeway Army  
Artist: Gary Numan/Tubeway Army

Paul Goodwin


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

How old: This Book is old!
Release Date: 2016 
Format: Book 106 pages
Price Guide: £10.98
Country:  UK
Additional info: Paperback 
Buy: Amazon
To build this manuscript's initial framework, we've cross-referenced both Ray Coleman's and Steve Malins' excellent Gary Numan autobiographies, as both featured important information that was crucial to the creation of this book. Further archive material and commentary found throughout this manuscript came from the following sources: the Images interview albums of the late 1980s, Gary Numan's Alien magazine, Stephen Roper's Back Stage, various internet biographies, rare newspaper and online interviews, social media enquiries and interviews conducted via email with this author, as well as my own previously published works concerning Gary Numan and Tubeway Army; the Electric Pioneer and Tracks books. Some of the comments included here have been edited slightly with less relevant information being set aside. All comments though, are entirely genuine and have been associated with the source wherever possible.
Despite all of the above, this book would simply not have turned out the way it has, had it not been for the valued input of Nick Robson. Nick is a long time friend of Gary and his family and is the author of the successful 2007 book Living The American Dream? Nick has graciously guided this project throughout and I am forever indebted to him for being kind enough to take time out of his busy life to oversee each part of this story to make sure it was historically accurate and correct. Nick also helped breathed new life into the text which really took the entire project to a completely new level. For more information about Nick and his own successful career, please visit the website www.nureference.co.uk and search for Nick Robson in the interview section.
I must also thank Annette Gardiner, who placed her trust in me to bring her own unique, never before heard story out into the light.
And lastly kudos must also go to Gerald Lidyard and to Martin Mills and Steve Webbon of Beggars Banquet who collectively must have winced and groaned when they received yet another email from an aging Numanoid with a list of 'questions' for them...

Chapter 1
The Beginning
Chapter 2
Mean Street
Chapter 3
Paul Gardiner
Chapter 4
Tubeway Daze Begins
Chapter 5
Demo Days Rejected
Chapter 6
Beggers Banquet Records
Chapter 7
The Touring Principle
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
The End Of The Line
Chapter 11
And I Disconect from You
Chapter 12
Turning Point
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
The Winds Of Change
Chapter 15
Wonderful Electric
Chapter 16
Replicas Rising
Chapter 17
The Calm Befor The Storm
Chapter 18
Are Friends Electric?
Chapter 19
The End Is Only The Beginning

Gary Numan
The Last Word


Authors note

In Memory Of Paul Gardiner
By Annette Gardiner November 2014

Live History.



Before Gary Numan there was Tubeway Army, and before Tubeway Army there was Gary Webb, a determined and ambitious 16 year old singer/songwriter from West London, who in the punk-assaulted summer of1976, dispensed with full time education to pursue his long held dream of fame and stardom. To assist him in this quest came talented bassist, Paul Gardiner with whom Gary first founded Tubeway Army. Together with Gary’s uncle, drummer Gerald Lidyard, they gigged sporadically around central London as the band eventually drew the attention of a small independent record label, Beggars Banquet. No-one could have predicted back then that in just a few short months, music history was about to be made as Gary Numan and Tubeway Army burst onto the music scene in the early summer of 1979 with the futuristic anthem “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’, a song that ushered in a fresh and exciting new era in popular music.
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